Sunday Snap

We all stacks of photographs stored away on memory cards and sticks, hard drives, mobile phones and CDs. Many of them will never be viewed again. They don't have a family or friend in them or they aren't of a special occasion. So here are my snaps of the things that have caught my eye from sunsets to street furniture and everything in between. Grab the badge, add your link and join in! Each week's Sunday Snap is open between Sunday and Friday night.
Sunday Snap

Without a hat
The Herbal Tonic
617 Squadron
This time next year...
The Foreign Secretary
The Lost King
The Father of India
The Freedom Fighter
The Detective's Café
The Socialist Baronet
The Sea Lifesavers
The American President
The Viaduct
St. Wilfred
The Heritage Railway
The Purbeck Castle
The Wonder of the Isle of Wight
Wild Horses
The Rocket
The beast in the lake
The island festival
The Scottish Castle
The Economist
The city volcano
The Shakespearean Fool
The quotable post box
The Victorian Prime Minister
Return to Earth
The code breaker
Cone head
The long distance television pictures
The Brewery
The Mass Trespass
The Roman Emperor
The Roman Column
The Wizard of Dribble
Oh! The Suffragettes
The Chinese Arch
Manor Lodge
Queen Victoria
The police creator
The Steam Engineer
The Iron Duke
The Fine Lady
The Cutlers' Hall
The old street
Yule Ball
The explorer
The birthplace of a plotter
Piccadilly Circus
Our Dumb Friend's League
The Sister's Grave
The Yorkshire Coast Castle
The Merry Man
The Football Manager
The Courtroom
The Outlaw
The Lace Market
Osborne House
The Detective Creator
The Home of Golf
The Scottish Writer
Bridge across the Firth
The chapel of symbols
The abolition of slavery
The Yorkshire to Lincolnshire bridge
The Imp's Catherdral
The West Sussex Pier
The Brick City
Revolution House
The Mystery Hotel
Arkwright's Shop
The home of a queen
The Pump Room
Winged Figure
The Disappearing Village
Radio City Tower
Newark Castle
Home of the Pudding
The Abdication
Platform 9¾
Penguin Parade
The Monument
The old and the new
The Cenotaph
The wobbly bridge
All the world's a stage
The Consulting Detective
The AA Box
The Public School
The Weekend Residence
The Rotunda
North Lees Hall
The Sanctuary Knocker
The Poet Laureate
The Meeting Place
Barnard Castle
The Grocer's Shop
Pier We Go Again
Lendal Bridge
There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort
The King of Wessex
Meet me under the clock
The Tennis Trophy
The right to voice an opinion
The West End Street
The Football Stadium
The Rugby Stadium
The Merseyside Pier
The Lost Steel Industry
The Sail Tower
The Postal Reformer
The Writers' Café
The Stratford Theatre
The Castle Cannon
On Castle Rock
The Seabird Rock
The Angel of the North
The Church in the Park
The Bargate
The Council Car Park
The Literary Parsonage
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Castle on the Rock
Chinese New Year
The Island Priory
Across the Mersey
The other Elizabethan Elizabeth
The Cavern Club
Nipper Alley
Up in the air
The Red Santa
Paddy's Wigwam
The London Country Estate
The Abandoned Tube Station
The Eleanor Cross
The Blitz Cathedral
The War Poet
Gunpowder, treason and plot
The Cardiff Stadium
Ham House
The Olympic Stadium 
Two churches in one
The Peak District house 
The inventor of Rugby 
Melrose Abbey 
On the Sands
Newspaper Street
Cathedral in the city 
The Somerset Pier 
Girl with the Pierced Eardrum
Salvation Army Citadel
Victorian Sea Fort
The Three Graces 
Wimbledon Tennis 
The Northumbrian Lighthouse 
The demolished stadium 
The White Cliffs
The Coronation Stone
The Yorkshire Cathedral
Cavendish's Castle 
Lady Godiva 
The University Castle
The Crucible 
The Waterfall
Solar eclipse 
The street lamp
Harry Brearley 
London Fashion Week 
China Town
Love locks
The Royal Park
The Eastgate
Churchill's art studio
Paddington Bear 
Dog man
London Christmas tree 
Christmas London lights 
Christmas tree lights
The Christmas tree nursery 
The Crooked Spire
The stained glass window 
The bicycle rack 
In Flanders fields the poppies blow 
Halloween pumpkins
The Electric Woods 
Banksy or Fakesy? 
The Colourful Doors
The Surviving Abbey
Book alley
Blue Police Box
Penfold Post Box
Over the river 
Castle in the sky 
Pier at sunset