Sunday 16 August 2015

Sunday Snap - The Somerset Pier

We had a trip to Cardiff for last week's Sunday Snap and a look at the Wales Millennium Centre. I asked you when it opened and everyone it seemed listened to my advice and avoided the year 2000! The correct year was


Those of you who knew the right year were Susan, Jo, Nadine and Michelle.

For this week we're celebrating a whole year of Sunday Snap. I started it off with a photograph of Penarth Pier so I thought I would come full circle with a photograph of another pier. This week's one is just across the Severn Estuary from Penarth and you can see the coastline over the water. The pier overlooks a characteristic rocky Somerset shoreline. It was opened in 1869 with the intention to attract visitors to the seaside town but also to serve as an embarkation point for paddle steamers. In the 1970s part of the pier collapsed and talk of demolition was discussed. Instead local fund raising efforts and heritage grants enabled it to be dismantled and reconstructed. It was finally reopened to the public in 1989. The pierhead was not opened until 1998. The restoration efforts were recognised through the award of 'Pier of the Year' from the National Piers Society in 1999 and the re-designation of its Grade 1 listed status in 2001. Today further funding raising is continuing with the plans for a new visitor centre, café and education facility. On the night we visited the usual toll fee was waived in order for visitors to experience the samba band at the end of the pier and to help raise more money. This week's question is

Where is this pier situated?

We were joined last week by Susan and her family who were all dressed up with somewhere to go. Kirsty was leading us down the garden path. There was more greenery on a doggy walk with Kelly. Over at Lucy's a very inquisitive meerkat stealing the show.

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Sunday Snap

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I'll share my favourites with you next week and remember I do like a bit of a tale to go with a photo but it's not a necessity!


  1. What a stunning pier - very ornate

  2. I'm so glad to have gotten last weeks' question right but is this a trick question?
    If I say Somerset Pier - is that right?!! Lovely photo.

  3. Piers are such an important part of our heritage, it's such a good job that many are kept going. A samba band sounds like a great atmosphere, I'd love that.

  4. Beaytiful photo. I love Penarth x

  5. What a beautiful photo. The pier is beautiful

  6. Is it Clevedon? Beautiful picture

  7. I haven't got a clue this week, totally and utterly stumped x

  8. I think this is Clevedon as we went there a while back and I was pretty struck by it (I really like piers). Gorgeous picture too!

  9. Love this photo so much so nice but never been to it so not sure.

  10. I adore piers. They are such a fantastic thing. A real demonstration of victorian ingenuity

  11. now there's a lovely shot of a lovely pier.

  12. The last pier I was on was in Felixstowe a few weeks ago, so I know it isn't that one.

  13. gorgeous shot, and congratulations on a whole year of snaps :-)

  14. I really enjoy your pictures they are beautiful


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