Sunday 23 October 2016

Sunday Snap – The Consulting Detective

We were on the road with an old AA Box for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what the full name of the AA was and the answer is

Automobile Association

Shifting into top gear with the right answer were Susan, Nikki, FoziaKara and Cass.

We're in the heart of London for this week's Sunday Snap of Sherlock Holmes. In the first novel A Study in Scarlet Holmes describes himself as a 'consulting detective' – something he sees as quite distinct from a private investigator.

This statue was erected in 1999 near the site of Holmes' fictional address. It was funded by Abbey National whose headquarters at the time covered the site where Holmes' rooms which he rented off Mrs Hudson were. At one stage Abbey National had to employ people to respond to the letters sent to the address.

The sculptor John Doubleday based the clothing worn by Holmes on the illustrations of Sidney Paget. When the Sherlock Holmes stories were first published in the The Strand magazine Paget was hired to illustrate them. He depicted Holmes as wearing an Inverness cape and deerstalker cap – details that the writer Arthur Conan Doyle never mentioned but have become synonymous with the character. This week's question is

What was Sherlock Holmes' home address?

We were joined last week by Susan and some girl power. Emma has been enjoying the Italian mountains in the evening. Ready to burst the bubble was Kelly. Kara has been letting of some steam on the train and collecting shells on the beach.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. 221b Baker Street - and now I've got the Gerry Rafferty song on my brain !

  2. 221b Baker Street - I think I might read a little Sherlock today as I am off on holiday and I think it would make good reading (plus probably free on the Kindle).

  3. I know it's Bakers Street, but can't remember the number. Impressive statue x

  4. Baker Street, and I only know the number because I saw in the comments above!

  5. Baker Street is all I know, my husband used to work there and every day I thought about Holmes! Mich x

  6. I just had to ask my husband for the number - 221B Baker Street x

  7. He's such an icon in our lives cropping up with a new view of him now and then in the movies.

  8. I wouldn't have a clue of the know, just know it is Baker Street.

  9. 221 Baker street, I promise I haven't cheated :)
    I pass it often as I travel through London a lot. I love the quirky history of London and its landmarks, so interesting.

  10. What a great statue, but too late to join in sorry oops! x


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