Wednesday 26 October 2016

Halloween Beers 2016

I thought the bottled beer sections were looking a little bare of Halloween themed brews this year. However, in the last couple of weeks a few more have found their way onto the shelves. Some are deliberately designed for the Halloween market whilst others have a more tenuous link. Enough of the chit-chat it's time for some trick or treat...
Old Spooky Hen – Greene King 500ml ABV 5%

If you like Old Speckled Hen then you are guaranteed to like this as it exactly the same beer. Greene King have decided to shamelessly cash in with the Halloween market and simply repackage it. It's a nice looking bottle but a bit of cop-out.
Glug M'Glug – Black Sheep Brewery 330ml ABV 6.2%

If you're looking for a scary Halloween tale here's the beer to drink while telling it. It is named after the mythical beast that was said to roam the hills before killing the sheep. Appropriately it's a full dark roast malt flavour mixed with a sharp, fruity hop and a full bitter finish. The smaller bottle is an indicator of its high alcohol content.
Ghost Ship – Adnams Brewery 500ml ABV 4.5%

Not just for Halloween is Ghost Ship from the coastal brewery of Adnams in Southwold. It is named after their one of their most haunted pubs, The Bell, situated in one of the UK's most haunted villages of Walberswick. A (ghostly) pale ale with a slightly bitter, citrus taste.
Pumpkin King – Brew Dog 330ml ABV 5.4%

By far my favourite Halloween label this year even if it is slightly disturbing! Craft beer specialists Brew Dog have come up with a beer filled with seasonal flavours such as marshmallow and toffee apple.
Black Wych – Wychwood Brewery 500ml ABV 5%

Wychwood Brewery are best known at this time of year for their bright orange bottles of Hobgoblin and Pumpking. If you fancy a change then fall for the charms of Black Wych. A naturally dark porter style ale it has a sweet, chocolate finish.
Hell Fire – Leeds Brewery 500ml ABV 5.2%

Again not strictly a Halloween beer but Leeds brewery have embraced the American enthusiasm for 31st October. Made with American hops it has a fruity citrus flavour with a crisp, fresh finish.

Have you seen any Halloween beers? Are you a fan of them or do they scare you to death?

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