Sunday 2 October 2016

10 Tips for the perfect lazy Sunday morning

Easy as Sunday morning...As the song goes but are Sunday mornings easy for anyone these days? If you find yourself rushing around everyday take time one day a week to relaxed and recharge. Here's our tips to make Sunday mornings a lazy one.

Coffee – The instant stuff just isn't going to cut it on a Sunday morning. Prepare ahead by stocking up with fresh coffee beans, grinder and a nice cafetière.

Newpapers – There's nothing like a weighty weekend newspaper to take back to bed on a Sunday morning. Spread out the sections and pick your favourite to plough through.

Bath – Once you've finally made it out of bed head to the bathroom. Quick showers are for weekdays so indulge yourself with a soak in the bath.

Candles – It may still be morning but get the ambience of your bathroom just right by lighting some delicately scented candles.

Chill out music – Finish off the perfect bath with some relaxing music. Go for classical, smooth jazz or a lounge mix.

Pyjamas – Now you're nice and clean after the bath it's time for clean Pjs! Baggy trousers and oversized tops are the call of the day.

Brunch – After all of this lounging around you'll be hungry so mix breakfast and lunch. You may still want to go for a full English fry-up or go sophisticated with some Eggs Benedict.

Warm up, cool down – Are you snuggle up in front of the fire type or open all the windows sort of person? However you like it get the temperature just right.

Box set marathon – Pull the curtains, hide your mobile and settle down for a TV session. At the moment I'm loving The Collection on Amazon Prime.

Watch the world go by – If cabin fever has already set in then get out but don't rush about. Head to the park and find yourself a bench to observe from. If it's raining take shelter in a busy café and take the time to look around you.

Do you have lazy Sunday mornings? How you like to spend Sundays?

This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Ahh now this I can only dream of, but does look like a perfect relaxing sunday xx


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