Sunday 2 October 2016

Sunday Snap – The Weekend Residence

We were looking at the iconic Rotunda building for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which city it is in and the answer is


Climbing high with the right answer were Cheryl, Shaheen, Michelle, Louise, Fozia, Aisha, Cass plus some amazing memories from Anne

Since it's Sunday we're off to the Queen's favourite weekend residence. This castle is the longest occupied palace in Europe. Since the 11th century it has been used by all the English and later British monarchs. With the Queen staying on a regular basis it is one of the most visited tourist attractions outside of London. Around 500 people live and work in the castle making it the largest inhibited castle in the world.

During the First World War the Royal Family decided to change their dynastic name from the House of Saxe-Coburg to one taken from the name of this castle. In 1936 the abdication speech of Edward VIII was broadcast from here. During the Second World War King George VI and Queen Elizabeth plus Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret slept at this castle despite the public being told they were residing at Buckingham Palace the whole time. The Crown Jewels were also stored in the basement for safe keeping. During the Queen's 'annus horribilis' of 1992 the castle suffered a devastating fire. To complete the Queen's misery was the argument of who should pay for the repairs. This week's question is

Which castle is this?

We were joined lasted week by Cheryl and a war enactment. Feeling all shook up was Shaheen at the Porthcrawl Elvis Festival. Susan has been enjoying the harvest moon and some time feeding the ducks. Keeping with last week's Birmingham theme was Anne and view of the hospital. Finally, in New Zealand Betty has been getting nostalgic looking at some old buildings.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Windsor Castle - haven't been there for years :)

  2. It has to be Windsor Castle, I remember going past on the bus when we were leaving Legoland to go to the station.

  3. Ooh I've been here, it's windsor castle. Been a few years mind you xx

  4. Windsor castle. I have always wanted to visit but never had the chance x

  5. I assume it is Windsor? I have never been there but passed by on a few trips to Legoland and keep saying that we really should stop and visit

  6. Windsor Castle - never been though.

  7. I know this one! It's Windsor castle although the closest I've got to it is driving by on the way to Legoland x

  8. Windsor. I visited a few times when we lived down south. It is an amazing place


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