Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Perfect Steak

When it comes to cooking it is said that if you make a simple dish you have to do it perfectly. The best example of this is probably beef steak. It may just seem like just a slice of meat but it can so easily and very quickly go wrong. It must be the only dish in a restaurant where you are asked as to how you would like it cooked. Everything else on the menu we entrust to the skills of the trained chef.

It's not surprising we get asked about the cooking of our steaks as there are so many variants. Do like the nearly raw 'blue' or has it got to be a thoroughly cooked 'well done'? Then of course there are all the different cuts you can have. The three main ones are rump, sirloin and fillet. Over the years some cuts have become less fashionable such as porterhouse while the classic French cut of entrecôte now seems to be known as the more American sounding ribeye.

Once you've got the cut sorted out it's time to think about the cooking method. Are you a pan fryer or like to keep turning it on the grill. Perhaps you only cook steak on the barbecue which would mean you've got a long wait before you have one at home again!

The last thing to think about is any additional flavourings. Some like it completely plain, others just a hint of seasoning.Other people will need a real shot of flavour with the addition of herbs, garlic or chilli. You may also be a fan of a sauce such as Diane or a dash of mustard.

To help everyone get their steaks just right the experts at Barbecoa Jamie Oliver have come up with their guide to cooking the perfect steak. So have a look below and see what tips you can pick up.

How do you like your steak cooked? What's your favourite cut?

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