Thursday 27 October 2016

Renishaw Hall Gardens in October

I seem to be on a one woman mission at the moment to get people to visit gardens in autumn. As I walked into Renishaw Hall Gardens this month I was stuck by the beautiful light softly illuminating the fading hydrangeas.
It's not just about the pleasure I get through visiting gardens. As I walked round the garden I stopped to talk to one of the gardeners. His story further imparted on me the importance of visiting gardens throughout the year.
Down in the woodland I noticed some of the paths had a new border to them. The greenery with the shot of purple looked both very smart and natural. I passed by one of the gardeners and asked him what the plants were. He was little embarrassed as he couldn't remember. I told him not to worry but said how wonderful it was that the gardens were being opened in October and November for the first time. He agreed and said because of it for the first time he had been put on a permanent contract. Ever since he had started working there he had only had a seasonal contract while the gardens were open to the public. This meant that from October through to the spring he had to find employment elsewhere. In order to get through the winter he had to find work he was totally unsuited to just to get by until he could get back to gardening again. So go, visit gardens and make a job for someone!
Now I've pulled on your heartstrings let's get back to the flowers. As said at the beginning the hydrangeas are still in bloom with the stunning blue now having a green tinge. The ladybird seemed to appreciate it.
The borders are still full of colour in both the garden rooms and along the walkways.
With the sun shining the fountain was sparkling with rainbows running through it.
At this time of year through it is all about the trees and the light.
The classical temple in the woodland is an oasis of peace away from the bustle of the city just a few miles away.

Whatever garden you visit this autumn always make sure you take time to sit down and take it all in.


  1. I love the mission you are on! It's the best time of the year for visiting gardens, there's none of the heat and annoying bright light of Summer and allllllll the colours of Autumn - perfect! There;s something about Autumn light that's so special but hard to capture but you have nailed here Ness :)


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