Sunday 26 June 2016

Sunday Snap – The right to voice an opinion

The flags were flying in last week's Sunday Snap of a west end street in London. I asked which street it was and the answer is

Regent Street

Getting the right answer were Cheryl, Kara, Jo, Susan, Rachel, Nayna and Cass.

With the UK going through one of the most important elections in its history in the last couple of days with the EU Referendum this week we are off to Speaker's Corner. Although in the photograph it may seem deserted on Sunday mornings the whole area comes alive as people are given the opportunity to air their views on whatever subject they want to speak about about. Contrary to popular belief speaking at this location does not make you exempt from the laws of libel, blasphemy or hate crimes, however a certain level of tolerance is afforded by the police if not from hecklers.

On 1st July 1855 a group of people gathered in this park to demonstrate about the Sunday Trading Bill 1855 which sought to restrict Sunday trading hours in London. Despite a prior police warning by 2.30pm nearly 150,000 people had gathered to hear the public's arguments against the proposed law. Police intervention resulted in riots and 104 arrests. The result though was powerful and the bill was withdrawn the next day. Over the coming weeks and months further meetings at this location occurred with various other subjects being demonstrated about including the high price of food.

Over the years more groups and societies came to this site to debate and discuss issues. Although from week to week members of the general public are free to take the stand famous names such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell and William Morris have all spoken here. This week's question is

Which park is Speaker's Corner in?

We were joined last week by Cheryl and her Madhouse family trying out the hire bikes. Buzzing in was Kara while the boys were on the swings. Sarah was swanning around on the sand. Watching the football on the big screen was Sophie. It was a bowling great birthday for Jo and her son. Susan's daughter was enjoying life as a toddler. We had smoke signals from Kelly. Finally over at the Cold Cuppa Club Robyn was hosting Father's Day with hopefully a warm drink for once.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I think it's Hyde park, but not 100% Hope you have a great week x

  2. I believe it's in Hyde Park and I think it will be getting very busy over the next few months (or years!)

  3. I think its Hyde Park too. Hope your well. Enjoyed reading this post especially as we have a hectic and uncertain time ahead of us. Hope your well. I will come by and share my picture too - bit of comfort food.

  4. Sounds like Hyde Park. I have never been there but would love to visit Hyde Park next time I am in London

  5. I'm not sure which park it is in, but love the history of it. I suspect it is about to get very busy!

  6. I have no clue but will go for Hyde Park like everyone else! Hoping to visit there this summer!


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