Sunday 12 June 2016

Sunday Snap – The Football Stadium

We were looking at the largest dedicated rugby union stadium in the world for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what stadium is was and the answer is


Kicking the ball over the posts with the right answer were Anne, Stephen, Kara and Jen.

We're sticking with the sporting theme this week and since Euro 2016 has started this weekend it's the turn of football. The current stadium on this site opened in 2007 some two years after its original completion date. It is the largest stadium in the UK and the second largest in Europe. Another thing it can boast of is that with 2,618 toilets within the stadium complex it has more toilets than any other venue in the world (although I still had to queue and they had run out of loo roll and soap).

The stadium it replaced closed in 2000 and demolition started in 2002. The old stadium was opened in 1923. It was originally called the British Empire Exhibition Stadium, usually shortened to Empire Stadium. As it was constructed for the British Empire Exhibition of 1924 it was never intended to be a permanent structure and was planned to be demolished afterwards despite of its £750,000 cost. Its most famous feature was its 'Twin Towers' which also gave rise to its nickname. The new stadium is known for its arch which can be seen for miles across the London skyline. This week's question is the same as last week's...

What stadium is it?

We were joined last week by Sophie capturing the shadows on the beach. The lost of a first tooth prompted the visit of the tooth fairy for Cheryl's son. Out in the sunshine and picking flowers was Susan and her daughter. I was licking my lips at the sight of Shaheen's vegan chocolate and banana Bundt cake. No rose-tinted glasses for Kelly – hers were multicoloured in a monochrome world. For Kara it was showtime at Sea Life Weymouth and a meeting with the Hogwart's Sorting Hat.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Ahh your image is very topical! Unfortunately, my knowledge of stadiums is very limited so I don't have a guess!

  2. I think it's wembley stadium. But had to ask my boys x

  3. I am a sporting dunce! They all look the same to me :-( Nice shot, though! x

  4. This looks like Wembley, the arch at the top makes me think so

  5. I'm going to guess Wembley Stadium... have been to both the old and the new one for concerts!

  6. It's Wembley Stadium, can't mistake that arch. Although, I still preferred the towers from the old stadium. Stephen

  7. I'm totally clueless when it comes to anything football. I guess I should know if it is actually Wembley though ;) x

  8. Wembley I think from the description, but I wouldn't have got it from the photo - don't watch much sport.

  9. We have been a few times - to us it's the Didier Drogba stadium but yes, its Wembley

  10. Another one that I actually know - I am on a roll. This is the new wembley.

  11. This is definitely Wembley - the scene of last years heartbreak for my little boy when his team lost in the play offs x


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