Thursday 23 June 2016

Renishaw Hall Gardens in June

The weather in these parts has been terrible this month. I've been meaning to get to Renishaw all month but I kept being thwarted by the rain and the fact it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The night before this visit there was a thunder and lighting storm that I thought was never going to end. I sensed a brief respite in the downpours last Friday so rushed along to see what was happening at the moment.
It's fair to say the rain has battered the garden quite a bit. It is though June and there are plenty of flowers about. The full bloom of this rose is made heavier by the overnight rain drops.
Along the wall there are still plenty of roses to come out. It seems the rose are a little more sheltered here.
Another flower suffering from the weather are the peonies. I hope the weather is kinder to the buds which haven't opened yet.
Renishaw has a range of unusual plants with this one causing quite a stir amongst the visitors. Known as a Cobra Lily or Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisamea intermedium) it is native to Himalayan regions such as Tibet, Nepal and China. In such areas it likes a moist, part shade positioning which is replicated here. What the other visitors were unanimous about was that it's not the most attractive plant.
If it pretty flowers you are after then head over to the herbaceous borders. The main colour here is purple with plenty of bees attracted to the alliums.
The colour theme continues to the end of the garden rooms that make up the lawn area. Along here are various white flowers including delphiniums, roses and foxgloves.
Perhaps not a theme but another standout colour in the garden is blue. There aren't many true blue flowers but I spotted two. One is a poppy looking a little sad due to the inclement weather.
Another blue flower is one of my favourite – a delphinium. It isn't my favourite delphinium blue shade but it is still a gorgeous specimen.
Down in the woodland the last of the rhododendrons are just hanging on. The rest of them have shed their flowers which now lie in piles on the floor like confetti that has been thrown.
A couple of months ago this area was covered with bluebells but now it has been taken over by foxgloves and hostas.
Renishaw Hall Gardens in June
The heavy rain certainly hasn't had any detrimental effect on the display of foxgloves.
One last glance back to the garden and there's hint of what is still to come. Yes hydrangea lovers all those leaves belong to hydrangeas.

Hosted by Gemma Garner


  1. The weather lately has been terrible — but on the plus side I haven't had to make as many trips to water the allotment. Silver linings :) Those peonies look HUGE!

  2. SO much recent rain has made garden visiting difficult but I am glad you got to Renishaw Hall - will you go back later as it certainly looks like it is ready to burst into a lot more colour? Visiting VERY late from #HDYGG


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