Sunday 25 June 2017

Sunday Snap – The Football Manager

We were in the courtroom for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what was the name of the crime that Buster Edwards was convicted of in the courtroom in Nottingham and the answer is

The Great Train Robbery

Being acquitted with the right answer were
Susan, Cheryl, Anne and Kara.

This week we are celebrating the achievements of a football manager who is revered by fans of two rival football teams. This statue stands in Nottingham city centre to commemorate his achievements as manager of Nottingham Forest. Between 1975 and 1993 he took the club from a second division side to League Champions in 1978 and then the European Cup in both 1979 and 1980. Despite taking Nottingham Forest to the FA Cup final in 1991 (The Gazza knee final) he was never able to win that trophy throughout his long career as player and manager.

Before that he was the manager of Nottingham Forest's East Midlands rivals Derby County. When he came to Derby County in 1967 the club had been languishing the second division for 10 years. Within two seasons they had been been promoted to the top division. He lay down the foundations of his managerial style by insisting on fair and clean play and being spoken to with the prefix of 'Mr'. He also became well known for criticism of other managers, his own board of Directors and the FA. This did lead to success as Derby County were crowned League Champions in 1972. He was so admired in both Nottingham and Derby that the A52 road that links these two cities was renamed after him in 2005.

Inbetween managing Derby County and Nottingham Forest he managed Brighton and Hove Albion for just 34 games and the infamous 44 day stint as manager of Leeds United. He was often referred to as the best football manager that the England national team never had. He did however have very outspoken views, was connected to a footballing 'bungs' scandal and had problems with alcohol. This week's question is

Who is the statue of?

We were joined last week by
Susan and school taster sessions and balance bike fun. There was fire and darkness for Cheryl. Anne and family enjoyed a day out to the BBC Good Food Show. Kara has been watching her husband paragliding and making the most of the big tractor wheels. There has been a man down in the form of Noah and his broken leg. Finally, Sue has been photographing the smallest room in the building!

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  1. My husband would know the answer straight away but I'm really not a football fan. I do love the perspective of this photo though!


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