Friday 9 June 2017

Finance Fridays – What affects your house price

We were looking at ways to make money online for last week's Finance Fridays. This week we are talking about the things which affect the value of your house. If you're looking to sell here's some pointers as to how you can get a buyer to pay more. For those looking to buy we share some tips on finding a bargain.

House name – Why be boring 47 Arcadia Avenue when you could be 'Rose Cottage' or 'Bluebell Corner'? You will still keep your property number but a smart
plaque outside of your house will add a touch of class. Just make sure the estate agent includes the name on the house particulars. A home with a name can be valued at up to 5% more than similar properties without one.

House number – The British are a suspicious lot. If you look down your street is there a number 13? On most roads the houses go from 11 to 15 – even Downing Street doesn't have a number 13. If walking under ladders and crossing the path of black cats doesn't bother you then homes numbered 13 can be worth up to £9,000 less compared to neighbouring properties. 

Curb appeal – It's well-known that first impressions count a lot with potential house buyers. If the front of your property looks unloved and messy some viewers many not even get past the front door. Cost effective ways to smarten up the front of your house are as simple as weeding, adding a few pots of plants and flowers and painting your front door. Be warned though as superstition strikes again as green coloured doors are often perceived to be unlucky and could bring down the value of your home. Bargain hunters will be able to see past overflowing bins and peeling paint to snap up a property at a discounted price.

Planning permission – You may have no intention to build anything on your land but it is possible woo potential buyers with already obtained planning permission. Think about what would be appealing from building an extra bedroom over the garage to converting the garage into a play room or office.

Have you changed your house to increase its value? Do you look for bargains based on the look of a house?

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