Sunday 3 July 2016

Sunday Snap - The Tennis Trophy

It was all about the right to voice an opinion for last week's Sunday Snap and there has been plenty of opinions aired in the last week! The photograph was of Speaker's Corner in London and I asked which park it was in and it is

Hyde Park

Speaking up with the right answer were Susan, Anne, Shaheen, Angela, Fozia, Kara, Cass and Stephen.

Since we're right in the middle of Wimbledon this weekend I thought we would have something tennis related this week. Last November Great Britain won this trophy for the tenth time but for the first time since 1936. The team headed up by Andy Murray became champions by defeating Belgium.

When this competition originally began in 1900 it was a competition between the US and the 'British Isles'. It was named the International Lawn Tennis Challenge but it was then renamed after the person who designed both the tournament and trophy. By 1905 it had expanded to include Belgium, France and and a combined Australian and New Zealand team representing Australasia. Over the years it turned into a truly global event with countries competing throughout the year in a complicated five level system incorporating 11 world zones and a premier level of a World Group. The country which wins the overall title at the end of the year are classed as World Champions. The original trophy was the simply the silver punch bowl on top but the plinths have been added over the years to list the winning countries and players. It currently stands at 1.1m and weighs 105kg. This week's question is

What is the name of this trophy?

We were joined last week by Susan who has been out voting and spotting the rare summer solstice Strawberry Moon. Jack and Noah have been celebrating birthdays and playing Guess Who! It was time to remember for Cécile with memories of when her son was born. There was the perfect end to the day for Anne when she saw the evening's sunset. In Wales Shaheen has been making the aubergine and rice dish of Maqluba to raise awareness of Refugee Week 2016. Kelly was in the pink this week when she spotted a VW Beetle. Finally Kara has been following her son's swimming progress and enjoying BritMums Live at Camden Lock.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I remember hearing something about this the other day, I'm only guessing, is it the Davis cup? X

  2. Is it the Davis Cup? I have no idea what it looks like but I know the name !

  3. It is the Davis cup and what a trophy!! I always used to groan at my partner who constantly watches tennis and football. I've never been a sport lover but this year I've given in, instead of complaining I've watched and actually found that it's quite enjoyable...but not if it goes on for too long, I do have other things to do!

  4. I know this one without looking at the other commenters as I went to the Davis Cup in March and watched the Murray brothers playing doubles against Japan! It is the Davis Cup and it was as magnificent in real life as it is on a photo!

  5. I know absolutely nothing about tennis, in fact that goes for all sports! Mich x

  6. I think this is The Davis Cup. We are loving Wimbledon this year. The boys are enthralled.

  7. Wow and what a trophy it is, I only know now from the cementers above like Michelle I enjoy watching it but don't know much about it. Great picture.

  8. Wow, that is stunning. I have no idea though

  9. I think it's the Davis Cup.....but I know very little about tennis!

  10. Since everyone else has said Davis Cup, I'll go with that - but I really have no idea!!


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