Sunday 10 April 2016

Sunday Snap - On Castle Rock

As part of our latest road trip we took a visit to the Scottish coast for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what the name of the seabird rock was and the answer was

Bass Rock

Squawking the right answer were Susan and Cass.

For this week we are looking at a different rock and the castle built upon it. Like Bass Rock last week this is another volcanic formation. Over hundreds of years the castle has been home to many Scottish kings but has also had to be surrenderred to the English at times. It was here that Mary, Queen of Scots, gave birth to a son who later as James I would become the first king of Scotland and England. The last time a reigning monarch stayed in the castle was when King Charles I visited for his Scottish coronation in 1633.

The famous Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott was given permission to search for the Scottish Crown after it went missing after the union of Scotland and England in 1707. He found it in 1818 with a chest in a sealed room in the castle. Today the Scottish Crown plus the Spectre and the Sword of State which make up the Honours of Scotland are on show in the castle. In the Crown Room as well is the Stone of Scone which has been used as the coronation stone for English monarchs for over 600 hundred years. It originally came from Scone Abbey near Perth in Scotland and was used in Scottish coronations but Edward I captured it in 1296 and took it to Westminster Abbey. It remained here until 1996 when finally the government decided that when required for coronations it should be returned to this castle in Scotland. With over 1.4 million visitors a year the castle is Scotland's most visited paid-for tourist attraction. This week's question is

What is the name of the castle?

We were joined last week by Susan and her trio enjoying the rewards of their Easter egg hunt. We had an animal duo from Kara with a lioness and a lemur. Sue shared with us her collection of orchid photographs.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. For all the places I have visited in the world, I have yet to visit Scotland so I don't know the answer sadly, beautiful though! :)

  2. Never been to Scotland but if it's Scotland's most visited monument, I'd guess at Edinburgh castle?

  3. It is the lovely Edinburgh castle. Yay I am loving knowing these. Happy Sunday xx

  4. I loved that place when I went last month!

  5. I really love visiting castle but I've never been to Scotland.

  6. Guessing it is Edinburgh Castle, somewhere I hope to visit soon

  7. Oh I have been to Edinburgh Castle (during the Edinburgh festival) decades ago and LOVED it xx

  8. I've been to a few places in Scotland but nowhere near enough so I'm afraid, I don't know :(


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