Thursday 7 April 2016

Easter at the allotment

Our Easter school holidays have been the weeks either side of the Easter weekend so we've been able to get down the allotment and get some more work done. Some plants have gone in the allotment plot, others have been sown and the great task of weeded the top section continues!
As I have been busy clearing the plot Miss JibberJabber was dispatched with the camera to capture some of this week's progress.
The boat has now been fully cleared. Thankfully it wasn't too big a job.
Now it has been filled with three varieties of strawberries. I've already seen growth within a week of them going in so hopefully we might get some fruit from them this year.
Mr JibberJabber has been doing a bit of upcycling in the greenhouse. I have realised now that all allotmenteers are basically scavengers so the old table has now been extended on top with some other wood that has been found on the plot. Our profusion of seedlings now have a much sunnier spot to live in. Also they are much safer from little feet!
However being the time of year it is yet more pots have appeared on the floor now! After watching Gardeners' World last week we decided to plant the sweetcorn seeds we had bought a couple of months ago. I had already reserved a spot the sweetcorn on the allotment which seems to fit in with their instructions. We've also got the same variety of sweetcorn they have chosen to grow so we will be comparing results later in the year! The other seeds planted are some cucumbers. The packet said to sow them on their sides, so does all the gardening books we have and also searches on the internet. However on the programme they sowed them pointing up! We ended up going with popular opinion and so on their sides they were sowed.
The broad beans were grown at home and then transferred a couple of weeks ago to the greenhouse to help them harden off. They have now been planted out and seem to have survived the ravages of Storm Katie. There has been hail at least twice since the weekend so I hope they haven't been battered too much.
Finally the runner bean bed is all ready to be planted. I don't think we will sow anything there until May but at least that is another area now weed free. The digging continues...
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  1. Looks like you've been working hard. The boat planter is a great idea — bet that'll look great when it's full :) We grew sweetcorn last year and it was fantastic. I haven't bought any from the shop since because I know it won't be as good.

  2. I didn't realiser you had a boat! Love!

  3. i'm so impressed. look at all those seedlings!!!!!!! and i so love that boat idea.

  4. WOW! Sooooo much work. The boat planted up looks fab. I love the idea of telling people you are 'off to the boat to pick strawberries' ! Such fun!

    Thank you for joining in and sharing again x

  5. I adore your boat - it looks amazing. I love watching Gardener's World too - Monty is so full of amazing advice and how about the cuteness of his new puppy dog?! x #HDYGG

  6. You've got so much done & so many seedlings on the go! We haven't started planting much on our plot, it's still so cold. Hoping the weather takes a turn for the better soon #hdygg

  7. You've done loads - and put me to shame - but you're right I've also come to realise that all allotmenteers are scavengers and I'm becoming one too! :)

  8. wow you've really done quite a fair bit of work recently, love the boat filled with strawberries, hope they're ready for harvest this year


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