Friday 1 April 2016

Finance Fridays – Foolish ways to make a million

Foolish ways to make a million

Welcome to this week's Finance Fridays. Last week we were looking at the quick sale housing market but this week's Finance Fridays falls on 1st April...I'm not one for practical jokes however in the spirit of April Fool's Day I've rounded up a selection of ways to make a million pounds but be prepared to take a few risks! Remember none of this constitutes good financial advice but have fun dreaming of your future fortune!

Website advertising revenue – You may have noticed the ads that are featured on this blog. I would like to say they they are an easy way to make money but that isn't true for me! However for some people they are making six figure sums each month from advertising. All you have to do is get something like 200 million hits to your website each. Easy - although I do question the quality of the content on some of these websites!

Play the lottery – Since the National Lottery started in November 1994 hundreds of people have been made millionaires by playing one of the many games on offer. If you do play the National Lottery make sure you do check your tickets as over a £1 billion has gone unclaimed since it started. This includes the whooping £63,837,543.60 that was never claimed on the Euromillions draw back in June 2012. If you never win just remember £34 million is raised weekly for 'good causes' (even if that doesn't include you!).

Be mean – Every so often there will be a story in the press about someone deemed a 'Scrooge' in their everyday lives and then leaving millions in their will to local cats' home. So turn off the heating, don't buy presents or cards for people, don't go out or on holiday and generally live a fairly joyless life.

Write a classic Christmas song – For many years I have said the sure fire way to guarantee a lifetime of payments is by making a catchy Christmas song. It will be included on compilation albums, played in shops and used in adverts generating royalties along the way. Apparently each year Noddy Holder and Jim Lea of Slade make £500,000 from their 1973 hit Merry Xmas Everyone. Remember though it's not about singing or playing the song but actually writing it. Shame I haven't got a musical note in my body.

Marry a millionnaire – It's an age old trick but for some it's more about money than love. Years ago the prime candidates would be astritocracy with vast country estates. Nowadays these types of properties are ones more likely to lose millions of pounds. Instead if you are young and pretty in appearance find out where the Premier League footballers like to go clubbing. You could then be starring in the next series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire!

Have you ever money in an unusual way? How would you try to make a million pounds?

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  1. Oh I think I'd write a Christmas song! But I'm better at listening to music than creating it! This post made me smile - good luck with making your millions!

  2. I have no idea how I'd make a million pounds as I'm not musical, have long given up playing the lottery & am happily married already!

  3. Love this post, maybe one day I'll pen a Christmas song but hopefully before that I'll make my millions from writing books!

  4. I have tried the lottery but so far the lottery fairy has stuck two fingers up at me lol

  5. I'm still waiting for that lottery win - I'd make a great millionaire

  6. I would love to win the lottery one day, a big win that would enable me to share my fortune with my family and close friends as I figure the odds of two people in the same family winning are pretty slim so you need to look out for each other :)

  7. I am still waiting for the lottery win, but then I would have to enter wouldnt I!

  8. Haha yes I wish I was musical too! I do like playing the lottery and having that tiny sliver of hope, whilst knowing that the money is going to good causes.


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