Thursday 21 April 2016

April at Renishaw Hall Gardens

April at Renishaw Hall Gardens
Last week I shared with you some of the amazing bluebells out in bloom at Renishaw Hall Gardens. As I mentioned bluebells are not the only attraction to be seen at the moment. Considering how early in the season it is there's a wonderful variety of early flowering plans and trees. The camellia walk above stretches down to Pandora who is currently surrounded by bluebells. It always surprises me how early camellias flower but their glossy, dark green leaves show how tough they are to contend with spring frosts.
At the bottom of Pandora there's some primroses. They cling to the stone to be protected from the feet of visitors and the ever spreading bluebells.
On the way down to the Wilderness where the bluebells are you walk past a selection of fritillaries. If you ever want to believe fairies live in flowers these are ones that will convince you. The pure white fritillaries are growing next to the speckled purple snake's head variety.
Although their colours and structure may not be as striking as fritillaries the hellabores bounce about happily in the gentle breeze.
The daffodil alley is just past its best now which is a reminder to come earlier in the season next year. They run all the way down to the gilded statute.
Other daffodil borders are still in full show sitting amongst other spring bulbs.
April is the time in which the acid soil loving rhododendrons start to come out. The delicate light pink variety sits next the shocking pink variety. Still to come are the popular purple flowered variety.
Renishaw Hall Gardens has a wide variety of different magnolias. When the buds are as pretty and dramatic as this pink one set against the blue sky I think they can be nicer that when it bursts open.
I love the heavy blossom of fruit trees such as cherry or the more delicate damson that is around at the moment. By contrast the Japanese quince blossom is a bold red as it clings to the wall of the Hall.
With all these flowers out in bloom there are still signs of last year's display. The dried hydrangea petals gives an indication of what is in store for later in the year. There is a full bed of hydrangea slowing growing buds and leaves. I can't wait to see the full display together.

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  1. oh how beautiful! and so true about camellias. our neighbor has them all over his front yard and they have been fully blooming for two months now. -Claudia

  2. Love that you snuck a hydrangea in there at the end - liking your style ;)

    Love that daffodil alley - how lovely! When I have a hall of my own I'll totally plant like that. Well a girl can dream... That quince blossom is the show stealer for me - stunning!

    Merci de vous joindre à nouveau x
    ^Mixing up the thanks this week mwhahahaaa

  3. Wow what a beautiful garden! Love the idea of a daffodil valley too. And if only my quince flowers would start growing high up on the wall like those!

  4. that's a lovely display of daffodils

  5. Even though the daffs are coming to an end they still look amazing. #hdygg

  6. I find spring gardens wonderful and each new flower is so special.

  7. I love that first shot, so inviting and the daffodil alley too - there's something so magical about a spring garden I think


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