Sunday 18 March 2018

Sunday Snap – The Mass Trespass

We were in York for last week's Sunday Snap with a Roman Emperor who helped to make Christianity popular in Britain. I asked who the current Archbishop of York is and the answer is

John Sentamu

This week we are off on a ramble up Kinder Scout. This vast plateau was the scene of a mass trespass in 1932. Until then much of the fields and moorland in this part of Derbyshire was private property. It was once common land but had become accessible only to the gamekeepers and shooting parties of the rich landowners. Usually the land was only used for 12 days a year. Although trespass was not a criminal offence things came to a head on 24 April 1932.

Three groups of walkers set off from different locations in order to meet up at the top of Kinder Scout. Over 400 walkers made it up but the trouble started on the way down. Angry gamekeepers had gathered and once the walkers started to come down violent scuffles took place. The gamekeepers had sticks while the ramblers mainly fought with their bare hands. Some of the ramblers were able to disarm the gamekeepers and turn the sticks on them. In all six ramblers were arrested for offences connected to violence. When their cases came to trial jail sentences of up to six months were handed out. Many felt this had been harsh however it did mean the cause gained a lot of attention.

In 1935 the idea of the Pennine Way was first touted. The start of the route is just at the foot of Kinder Scout in Edale. The area became part of the first National Park when it was officially opened on 17th April 1951. However, it wasn't until the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 that the right to roam was fully enshrined in law. This week's question is

What National Park is Kinder Scout situated in?

We were joined last week by Susan and her very own Goldilocks. In New Zealand Betty has paid a visit to Fletcher Bay. A trip to Woburn Safari Park for Kara meant seeing bears and giraffes. For Mother's Day Anne shared a snap of her and her mum. Finally, Sharon has been on her travels to Guatemala.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Is it in the Peak District? Looks lovely x

  2. It is in the Peak District :)

  3. Amazing view, but I have no idea where it is. Thanks for hosting x

  4. Didn't know this background story. So interesting!


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