Thursday 22 March 2018

Renishaw Hall Gardens in March 2018

renishaw hall gardens march 2018
It was the opening day of the season at Renishaw Hall Gardens yesterday. With the sun shining I couldn't resist not paying a visit. A couple of days ago the whole garden was covered in snow for the second time in a month. At first glance there was no sign of the harsh weather but a closer inspection shows how far behind everything is this year.
Last year when I visited at the same time the daffodils were out in full bloom along the stretch leading down to the Angel of Fame statue. This year not a single one is out in this patch.
There's no disappointment as it means there's plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. In the meantime it does mean that flowers that would have died off now have been preserved for a few more weeks. Across the gardens there are drifts of snowdrops. One the biggest concentrations is under the fern leafed beech. They are mixed in with blue Scillia siberica and Cyclamen coum. In the background is the first magnolia to flower this year.
If you walk down the Rose Terrace and view the Angel of Fame from the other side then the Crocus tommasinianus is spread along the ground to form a purple carpet.
The camellia walk down to the woodland is always a highlight at this time of year but just a few of the blooms have found the warmth of the sun. 
The rest of the camellias are tight in bud but I'm sure it won't be long now before they flower.
On the bottom terrace there are some double daffodils enjoying the warmth of the wall. 
The sunny position of the back of the house is the ideal spot for a splash of early colour from the Japanese quince.
It's hard to believe when you walk round the garden how much it will change in the coming months. Down in the woodland the laburnum walk is just bare wood but come May it will be a riot of yellow.
At the moment the magnolia petals are snug in their hairy buds but soon they will pretty in pink and white. A treat worth returning for.

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