Thursday 23 March 2017

Renishaw Hall Gardens in March

I've been looking forward to the opening of Renishaw Hall Gardens for the 2017 season for months. I only started visiting the gardens last April so I missed the best of the daffodil display. Whilst Tuesday was filled with blue skies and sunshine it did not extend until Wednesday, opening day. I decided to brave the elements which combined cold temperatures with wind and rain. As soon as I pulled into the drive I knew I had made the right decision when I saw my way up to the house lined by daffodils.
Wherever you go at this time of year you can't miss the displays of daffodils. The joyful yellow clumps pop up all over the place. The showstopping display though is the carpet leading up to golden Angel of Fame statue.
There's a fusion of the seasons with the hellebores (also known as the Lenten Rose), usually one of the first flowers of the year to bloom, still looking good.
Moving into the new season are the rhododendrons. A few have peaked their petals outs while others are still sheltering in their buds.
Down in the woodlands the magnolias are also coming out. High up in the tree the pink petals look like ribbons tied to the branches.
Something I was also looking forward to are the camellias which line the path down to the woodlands. They're a glorious mix of red and pinks plus some raspberry ripple striped blooms.
One of the famous sections of the garden is the White Garden. It will be some months before the roses and delphiniums come out but just below on the bottom terrace the Snowflakes are giving a taster of what to expect.
Looking forward to the coming months the herbaceous borders are ready with the obelisks smartly painted in the Renishaw blue. I can't wait to see them filled up and another year of garden visits at Renishaw.

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