Thursday 16 March 2017

The Allotment in March

If you're wondering what happened to the February allotment update the simple answer is there wasn't one. In fact I don't think any of us stepped foot on the allotment at all last month. The weather was just too bad to do any tidying up and we had nothing to put into the ground anyway. Away from the allotment we did start the first earlies of the potatoes off chitting on the window sill. We haven't been worried about our lack of action as we didn't get this plot until March last year and we had a successful growing season.
With the sun shining and no wind it was unseasonably mild at the plot last weekend. Perfect conditions for getting on with the boring but essential job of weeding. I had the task of clearing the rowing boat so we could see the strawberry plants again.Rather annoyingly several clumps of grass had taken hold which was very hard work to remove. Of course once you start weeding it's a job that will never be finished throughout the season.
We knew we had leeks left to dig up but we didn't expect to find the purple sprouting broccoli. We did grow several varieties from seed last year with mixed results. The seedlings are quite delicate and prone to getting frazzled in the sun. Obviously though once planted out this variety thrives on a winter of neglect!
The early varieties of rhubarb are already growing well. I could see the other crowns starting to poke their heads up from their winter slumber as well. I think I'm going to have a to expand my selection of rhubarb recipes to deal with the glut.
By the time we had finished we had built up quite a haul to take home with us. The above photograph doesn't include the sprouts or bunch of sage that was also added to the pile.
As we were leaving Mr JibberJabber wondered if our old plot had been finally taken. The last I had seen of it the weeds had completely taken over. I nipped down and was extremely pleased to see that the plot is now completely clear so I can only presume we have another new allotmenteer.

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