Sunday 12 March 2017

Sunday Snap – Revolution House

We were investigating the case of the missing crime writer at The Mystery Hotel for last week's Sunday Snap.

Uncovering the right answer were Anne, Kara, Cheryl, Angela and Susanna.

From Yorkshire we cross the border into Derbyshire this week and there is talk of revolution in the air! In 1688 a small group of noble gentlemen got together in the village of Whittington, near Chesterfield, to try and plot the downfall of the then king, James II. The three men were the Earl of Danby (who became the 1st Duke of Leeds), the 3rd Earl of Devonshire (who became the 1st Duke of Devonshire, and John D'Arcy who was the fourth son of the Earl of Holderness. Due to the bad weather the three men decided to take shelter in a nearby hostelry known as the Cock and Pynot. 'Pynot' is a Derbyshire word for 'magpie'. Their main objection was to James II's heir; his son born by his second wife. His two elder children, both daughters, were Protestant but James' second wife was Catholic and as such so was her newborn son. Being male he would automatically outrank his older sisters in the line of succession. 

The three men became part of a group known as the Immortal Seven who invited the Dutch Prince of Orange to come with his wife, who was James II's eldest daughter, and take the throne. The plot succeeded and James II fled to France which was seen as him abdicating. The vacant throne was passed to James' daughter who ruled jointly with her husband. A year later the new King was victorious at the Battle of the Boyne. In just a couple of years his actions had managed to change the religious and cultural future of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland forever.

The original Cock and Pynot inn was converted into a cottage. It is now known as Revolution House and can be visited free of charge. In 1790 a neighbouring building opened as pub with the name Cock and Pynot and is still open for business today. This week's question is

Which King and Queen came to the throne after the Glorious Revolution in 1688?

We were joined last week by Susan and some fabulous flipping of pancakes. Mario was in charge for World Book Day at Anne's. Kara has been walking across the River Thames and concentrating hard at Ripley's Believe It or Not! In France Cheryl has been finding signs of spring and the damage caused by the recent storms. Finally, Sofie has been capturing the beauty of primulas.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I'm sure this is William and Mary who became king and Queen. X

  2. William of Orange and Mary :)

  3. From your description, it must be William of Orange and his wife was Mary. I was intrigued about the word pynot - in French, magpie is pie ... I wonder what the "not" means !

  4. I had to Google but it's William and Mary. I will confess to not having studied much of history of this time. It sounds intriguing though.


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