Sunday 27 November 2016

Sunday Snap – The Monument

We were at the seaside for last week's Sunday Snap with a shot of old pier and the new i360 attraction. I asked where they were located and the answer is


Sunning themselves in a deckchair with the right answer were Kara, Cheryl, Anne, Emma, Susan, Erica, Liz and Jen.

We are back in London for this week's Sunday Snap taken by Mr JibberJabber. The Monument is situated just 61m away from the site of the historic event it was built to commemorate. The 61m is also the height of The Monument. It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and work started on it in 1671 – five years after the original event. Wren intended it to double up as a place for scientific experiments for the Royal Society. Its position in the City of London meant that the vibrations from the traffic rendered these experiments useless. After this it was opened to the public to let them climb the 311 stairs to the viewing gallery to have an opportunity to see across London. At the time it was built it was the highest viewpoint in London. This week's question is

Which event does the The Monument commemorate?

We were joined last week by Betty with the beautiful Holland Gardens in New Zealand. Kara has been having fun at the beach and fighting fires on the merry-go-round. It time for the tooth fairy to visit at Cheryl's with two front teeth falling out. Anne shared the chilly autumn scenes by the school. Determined not to let the supermoon pass unphotographed Susan waiting until the early hours for the clouds to pass. Finally, in Sweden Ulrika was on the long, straight and icy road.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. The Great Fire of London :)

  2. The Great Fire of London, it stands where the fire started on 2nd September ;)

  3. I know this one - the great fire of london x x

  4. The Great Fire of London. I do not know that many London monuments, but with the 100 years and all that!

  5. Well I've seen others comments and I had to say I had no idea. I needed to be here last week as knwo Brighton and we rode the i360 a couple of months ago! Mich

  6. I had no clue either Michelle, love how everyone else was so knowledgeable! Must start swotting up :) x


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