Thursday 17 November 2016

The allotment in November

We're on countdown to Christmas at the allotment. We may not be doing much work on the plot but we have plenty of things to keep an eye on.
In our freezer is a stash of broad beans that we have been saving for our Christmas dinner. Along with these we hope to add the Christmas favourite of Brussels sprouts. What do you mean you don't like them?! Have you ever tried them with sweet chestnuts and bacon? We picked sweet chestnuts last month at Claremont Landscape Gardens. They've been blanched and skinned and these are in the freezer as well.
One reason for us to keep popping down to the allotment is to pick some more leeks. The smell of them when they are first pulled out of the ground is amazing. We've given a few away but still have plenty left for us.
We bought some cauliflower plug plants in the summer and I didn't think they were doing much but suddenly they have very noticeable white heads. I think the leeks and cauliflower would be nice in a gratin on Christmas day. The pink fir apples we harvested some months again have kept so well so that we could be having them as well on Christmas day. We just need to buy some carrots at this rate.
The last of the tomatoes have ripened in the greenhouse. One job we need to do now is get them cut down and the space cleared for spring. At least it's an inside job and we can put the wood burner on to keep warm.

It was Master JibberJabber's birthday last week. Since he has spent a large proportion of his time at the allotment scoffing currants and berries I thought I should pick the last of the raspberries for him. There was just enough for him and Miss JibberJabber to share with some ice cream. I was also conscious of the fact that snow had been forecast that night. It did snow the next morning but by mid-morning it was sunny and the mild weather has returned again. Christmas here we come!

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