Sunday 28 August 2016

Sunday Snap – The Meeting Place

We paid a visit to County Durham and the ruins of Castle Barnard for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which English king once owned it and the answer is

King Richard III

Crowning themselves in glory last week with the right answer were Erica, Cheryl, Anne and Jo.

Since trains have been in the news this week I thought we would take a trip to the railway station.The statue in the photograph is called The Meeting Place and was designed by Paul Day. It was commissioned by London and Continental Railways (LCR) as part of an £800 million rebuilding plan of this station. This also involved the transfer of the Eurostar train services from London Waterloo to this station.

The main feature of the statue is the nine metre sculpture of a couple embracing after being reunited. The brief was to provide something that invoked the romance that train travel used to have. Around the bottom of the statue is a frieze with scenes representing everyday life in a railway station. One scene was of a commuter falling onto the track with a Tube train driven by the Grim Reaper approaching. After some discussions with the LCR this was replaced. Some of the other scenes that remain depict soldiers departing for war and returning injured, people queuing on platforms and the repair work needed after the July 7th bombings in 2005. The critical reaction to The Meeting Place has been mixed with many people finding the height and the proportions of the statue odd. For others though it has become a symbol of that they are finally home. This week's question is

What station is this statute in?

We were joined last week by Susan who was enjoying Culzean Castle before the start of the school year. Cheryl and family have been visiting the volcanoes of Lanzorate. In Ireland Jack and Noah have been dodging the rain on their holiday. It was party time for Anne and her crew. Finally, Sue has been taking a trip along the Eno River.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. St Pancras - it's a really lovely statue, very poignant

  2. I am sure this is St Pancras, I have photo of this somewhere. Hope you are well x

  3. No idea which station it is in but it's a stunning statue!

  4. It's in St Pancras. I could tell by the surroundings although I've been to this station many times and not actually seen the statue! I will pay better attention next time:-)

  5. I think its St Pancras - stunning statue!

  6. I knew I recognised it - and yes think St Pancras. x

  7. Yes, it has to be St Pancras, and I think it's lovely. Saying that, the only encounter I ever seem to have at stations is with my kids returning from a trip. No romance for me.

  8. I know I'm a bit late but I'm pretty sure this is St Pancreas x x

  9. Late to the party but still pancreas. We saw it this week

  10. Late to the party but still pancreas. We saw it this week


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