Sunday 7 August 2016

Sunday Snap – Pier We Go Again

We were looking at the Lendal Bridge for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which city this bridge was in and the answer is


Crossing over to get the right answer were Lee, Cheryl, Cass and Emma.

For this week we're celebrating the second anniversary of Sunday Snap. As with the very first Sunday Snap and last year's second anniversary photograph I've gone for view of a pier. The title of this week's post refers to fact that this pier is mainly a 21st century structure. In the early hours of 5th October 2010 the pier caught fire with 95% of its buildings being burnt down. Two men were arrested for arson but never charged due to lack of evidence. At the time of the fire the pier had been closed for a couple of years after the pier had fallen in disrepair caused by mainly storm damage along this stretch of East Sussex coast.

Building working on the pier started in 1869 and it was among a number of Victorian piers designed by Eugenius Birch. The pier officially opened on the first ever August Bank Holiday in 1872. Over the years several additions were made to the pier in terms of amusements, tea rooms and a theatre. In the 1960s and 70s pop and rock acts such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Genesis and Pink Floyd played on the pier.

Even before the fire in 2010 a group had been set up in order to save the pier and get it re-opened again. Thankfully most of the original cast-iron structure had been saved in the fire so the group already had a starting point. A funding plan was put in place allowing the pier to be rebuilt. In May this year it was officially reopened to the public. This week's question is

What pier is this?

We were joined last week by Cheryl who was photographing one of the many gulls at the beach. Susan's kids have been making daisy chains and having ice cream sundaes. In the pink was Kelly with a beautiful rose. Kara has looking at the views across the sea and crossing the water over the stepping blocks. Finally in New Zealand Betty been looking at some 'wow' clouds.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Hastings Pier - one of my friends is visiting all the piers this summer to raise money for cancer research.

  2. What a beautiful photo, very postcard like. I think it is Hastings pier. I read about it recently in the news.

  3. I was going to say it was one of the brighton piers being on the East Sussex coast. So many piers have such interesting history.

  4. I have n o idea where this is. We live by the sea and our town has a lovely pier

  5. I remember hearing about a fire...but can't remember which pier it was!

  6. I have no idea ;-)

    Our town has a vertical pier x x

  7. I remember a fire at Hastings and Weston Super Mare, not sure which one this is though

  8. Cannot believe it has been 2 years! It is a beautiful photo - is it Brighton pier? x

  9. I have to admit I have absolutely no idea, so I now need to go find out!


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