Sunday 11 December 2016

Sunday Snap - Platform 9¾

We were being inspected as part of the Penguin Parade for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which zoo it was at and the answer is

Edinburgh Zoo

Waddling along with the right answer were Anne, Cheryl, Angela, Mich, Jen, Cass and Susan who remembered being bitten by one of the penguins when they walked past her!

We are on our travels this week not only on a train but to a magical school. Fans of Harry Potter will know that the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry departs not from platform 9 or 10 but from Platform 9¾. To ordinary folk (known as 'muggles' in the wizarding world) there is simply a ticket barrier (depicted as a brick wall in the films) between platforms 9 and 10. On 1st September this barrier turns into the portal to get onto Platform 9¾. The way to get onto the platform is walk straight into the barrier – don't stop otherwise you will crash into it. Once through you will find yourself on Platform 9¾ with a scarlet steam train, the Hogwarts Express, waiting to whisk the pupils off to Hogsmeade Station near to Hogwarts School.

Of course once Harry Potter became popular fans started to flock to the station in order to find the entrance to Platform 9¾ themselves and found they were greeted by a sign saying 'Platform 9¾'. When this started to disrupt services and annoy passengers the sign was taken down and access to platforms 9-11 was only possible by going through the ticket barrier with a valid ticket for one of the suburban rail services that depart from there. Since 2012 the mock-up featured above has been on the concourse next to the Harry Potter shop. The photograph isn't the best as I was on my own and wasn't in the mood to spend £10 on having my photograph taken pretending to go through the barrier! This week's question is

Which station is Platform 9¾ on?

We were joined last week by Kara and her daughter who has been on the climbing wall and admiring the huge Christmas decorations. Congratulations to Anne on her wedding and her beautiful bridesmaids. Cheryl paid a visit to the Father Christmas Parade in Dunkirk. On hand to capture the amazing purple sky was Susan. Finally, if you haven't got the Christmas spirit yet take a look at Ulrika's snowy Swedish scenes.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I love that the station went along with it and put a sign there for fans, that's very sweet! Have yet to see it myself! Tried to add a pic to your linky but couldn't get it to work. Will check back later...

  2. It's at Kings Cross - wow, £10 a photo, I don't blame you for sneaking in a quick one ! lol

  3. It's Kings Cross! I'm not a huge HP fan but I have watched all the movies. I certainly wouldn't pay £10 for a photo, but I can see how other's would, I bet they make a fortune!

  4. That'll be King's Cross station - I used to walk past this every day on the way to work. Still amazes me how many people queue and pay for a photo with what is essentially a small sign on a brick wall!

  5. ooh I've been here. It's Kings Cross in London. Love this. x

  6. London Kings Cross. I reallllyyyy want to go and see this. We are hoping to get a long weekend in London over the next couple of the years as we want the kids to experience it.

  7. We were at Warner Bros Studio on Sunday and had out photos taken with these trolleys, it was awesome!

  8. Oh this is the station my train gets on to, so I know this. it is Kings Cross


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