Sunday 8 January 2017

Sunday Snap – Home of the Pudding

Welcome to 2017 on Sunday Snap. We're back after our Christmas break and last time we were talking about the abdication of Edward VIII which happened 80 years ago. I asked what ducal title was given to Edward VIII after he abdicated and the answer is

Duke of Windsor

Getting a regal right answer were Kara, Anne, Jen, Susan, Erica and Cass.

For this week while other people's thoughts turn to New Year dieting we are off to the home of a pudding. When this hotel was known as the White Horse Inn in the 1860s it is said that the Mistress of the Inn, Mrs Graves, asked her young assistant to make a strawberry tart. Her inexperienced kitchen maid proceeded to make the order but got the recipe wrong – not good for a town whose name suggests good cooking! She was supposed to put the eggs and almond paste mixture into the pastry but instead ending up spreading the plain pastry with jam and then topping it with the egg and almond mixture. This concoction proved so successful with the guest who had ordered a simple strawberry tart that the pudding continued to be made in this way.

This new recipe was picked up by local businesses in the town who saw the potential of making and selling the puddings to visitors of this Peak District town. There are still several shops in the town making and selling these puddings. They all make various claims on their history and authenticity by stating to hold the original, secret recipe which has been passed down through the years. However some people have questioned the whole story of the origin of the pudding!

Remember it is always pudding and never a tart if truly made in this town! This week's question is

What is the name of the Derbyshire town where this pudding is named after?

We were joined last time by Sophie who has been enjoying the beautiful coloured skies we've had in December. Kara has been looking up at the big wheel and celebrating 100 years of the Scouts. A trip to Cadbury World meant a visit to see Santa as well for Anne. There's also been trips to see Santa and the big wheel for Susan. Finally it was farewell to 2016 but welcome to 2017 from May and her brothers.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. From your description, I'd guess Bakewell, but I had no idea they called it a pudding if it's that !

  2. Happy new year lovely. Hope you had a good time over the festive period. I have missed your blog posts about lovely places. I am guessing Bakewell, but only because I know there is a place called that, but never been x

  3. I believe it may be Bakewell, and I'm ever so slightly addicted to the cakes! Stephen

  4. I think it must be bakewell, but I had never heard of the story before - loved it!

  5. I'm going with Bakewell, since I'm very partial to it - never knew the history behind it though, very interesting :)

  6. I'm going with Bakewell but that's only because I've read the other comments x x

  7. I'm going with Bakewell because I do love that cake so :) x


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