Sunday 21 May 2017

Sunday Snap – The Detective Creator

We had our clubs at the ready for last week's Sunday Snap as we paid a visit to the home of golf. I asked where it was and answer is

St Andrews

Getting a hole in one with the correct answer were Susan, Cheryl and Kara.

We've got another Scottish literary connection for this week. The statue above is of the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It stands on Picardy Place, Edinburgh which is where the creator of Sherlock Holmes was born.The house at number 11 where he lived has now been demolished but he has been commemorated by this statue and a pub bearing his name across the road. 

Although he was sent away for school he returned to Edinburgh in order to study medicine at University of Edinburgh School of Medicine. It was here that he took inspiration for Sherlock Holmes from his teacher Joseph Bell. After graduating he travelled around before setting up a practice in London which enabled him to gain thorough knowledge of London and the area around Baker Street...

The first story featuring Sherlock Holmes was published in Beeton's Christmas Annual in 1887 and called A Study in Scarlet. The tale involving the 'Consulting Detective' and his sidekick the war wounded Dr. Watson was so popular he began to write some more. By 1893 writing the Sherlock Holmes stories and family issues had caused such a strain on him that he decided to kill off Holmes. It was thought he fell off the Reichenbach Falls whilst fighting with his arch enemy Professor James Moriarty. There was an outcry from his readers but it took him eight years before he resurrected Holmes.

In 1902 he was granted a knighthood by Edward VII however this was not for his well-known works of fiction but for a pamphlet about the Boer War. He was unable to fight in that war as apparently he was overweight! This week's question is

Who is the creator of Sherlock Holmes?

We were joined last week by Susan and some park fun. Cheryl found it was a bear's life. In the park there was blue skies and trees for Anne. Kara was getting all knightly and steam train spotting. Finally, Gentle Joy has been studying architecture.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. It's Arthur Conan Doyle, I'm a big fan with lots of books :)

  2. Aah I know this one ! Arthur Conan Doyle


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