Tuesday 16 May 2017

What kind of sleeper are you?

I love my sleep and of course if I could more of it I most definitely would! Being a writer I live a life of late night deadline making while still having to face the prospect of getting up early to get the kids to school. When I do get into bed I'm quite particular about the way I lie and what makes me comfortable. This got me thinking about all the different positions and styles of sleep there are. Which one are you?

Starfish – Whether you have small single bed or a huge super king size you make sure that your hands and feet are touching all four corners!

Hanging off the edge – You could spread yourself out across the full 6' of a super king sized bed but yet you insist on clinging to the edge and barely taking up 12 inches of space.

The Snorer – It is an earthquake or a train coming through the house? One thing is guaranteed that with that level of noise you are the only person in the whole house who will get a good night's sleep.

Foetal – One of the most popular sleeping positions. Curled up and knees tucked in you fall asleep dreaming of being back in the womb.

Pillow clutcher – You could be holding onto the pillow you are resting your head on or using it as a rest between your knees. Whatever sleeping position you are in you will never be found without your pillow being held tightly.

The duvet snatcher – Nobody admits to this but will instead point the finger at someone else.

In the doghouse – I don't mean those who are relegated to the spare room but that you share your bed with your pets. Whether you like it or not Fido or Felix makes their way onto your bed each night leaving you with very little space.

Never make it to bed – Do you find yourself staying up to watch just one more episode of a box set? Is it always the case of I'll read another chapter then I'll go to bed? If you find yourself falling asleep in your armchair perhaps you need an adjustablebeds.co.uk/recliner-chairs/.

However you sleep it can determine the quality and quantity of sleep you get. With the amount of time we spend in bed it can also have a profound affect on the physical state of our bodies. If you need some tips from the #SleepExperts on the getting the best out of sleeping position have a look at the video below.

This is a collaborative post.

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