Monday 1 May 2017

The Ultimate Car Accessories Guide

Many of us spend a large part of our lives in a car. Whether we're stuck in traffic on the daily commute or enjoying our leisure time with a drive through the countryside our cars should be as comfortable as possible. You may be someone who simply thinks a car is for getting from A to B or it could be your pride and joy. If you want you and your car to look its best you have a look at the must have accessories.
Can't stand crumbies in the car? Don't worry about others making a mess as you can suck up crumbs with the World's Smallest Vaccum. At just 14cm long it can easily fit into the glove compartment or door pocket for those cleaning emergencies.

Never mind the weather my hands are always cold! Keep those fingers cosy and your grip on the steering wheel with a pair of ladies driving gloves.
Do you need glasses just for driving or keep a pair of sunglasses in your car? Avoid them getting scratched and dirty but keep them protected in this embossed Gabbro Italian leather glasses case.

Nothing says its your car like a personalised number plate. Have a look through the current selection of cherished number plates by Absolute Reg to find something that perfectly matches your motor. It could be based on your name, initials or even your favourite football club!
Perfect for a present (remember it's Father's Day next month!) is this cute personalised wooden car shaped keyring. Never get your precious car keys mixed up again.

Whether it's the football commentary on the radio or the latest downloads on your mobile don't let the sound quality in your car be compromised. Upgrade your audio system to listen to DAB radio or be able to stream wirelessly from your phone.

Don't let the weather or the local bird population spoil the look of your car. If you've got the space then your car deserves the best. Courtyard Designs provide oak timber framed garages for that extra touch of luxury.

Have you got extra accessories for your car? What touch of luxury would you like to have?

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