Sunday 12 November 2017

Sunday Snap – The Sussex invasion

We were in York for last week's Sunday Snap of the birthplace of a plotter. I asked who the Gunpowder Plot conspirator was and the answer is

Guy Fawkes

Setting off fireworks with the right answer were Susan, Soma, Cheryl, Lisa and Anne.

We're off to East Sussex this week to the site which changed the course of English history. On 14th October 1066 the French forces of the Duke of Normandy finally met the English army of the King of England. In order to get the site the 15,000 French soldiers had marched just a few miles from their landing site on the coast. On the other side were the 5,000 Englishmen who had just fought a bloody battle at York before marching down the country to face the Norman invaders. Although the English put up a brave defence it was not to last. One of the differences in the strength of the French army against the English was not just their numbers and freshness but also the amount of archers they had. The King was famously depicted as being wounded by an arrow in his eye. Whether this was main cause of his death has never been established however it is known after his death the English army fell apart with many of them fleeing the site.

The Duke of Normandy was not immediately named as the new king with the title being passed to Edgar Ætheling. He was never crowned as king as the Duke's forces marched their way to Wallingford and found the forces there were in no mood for further fighting. After finally establishing his supremacy the Duke of Normandy was crowned King of England on 25th December 1066. This week's question is

What was the name of the English king killed in Sussex?

We were joined last week by Susan and a Halloween night filled with witches and black cats. Also getting into the fright night spirit was Cheryl's son Pierre with a scary clown and a very full treat bucket. Soma shared the last pages of her sketchbook and the adorable knitted feline Mr Nigel Forsythe Castleton. It was the 17th birthday of Lisa's son and of course it required a special handmade card. Finally, the photo booth was full with the rock group made up of Anne's kids.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Great photo! I will venture a guess - Harold Godwinson?


  2. I always believed it was Harold II.
    Thanks for hosting x

  3. I’m not sure of this one. Hope you’re well x


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