Friday 17 November 2017

Finance Fridays - 10 Reasons Why Renting a Car is Better

We were looking at what the increase in interest rates means in last week's Finance Fridays. This week we are talking about the reasons why you should think about renting a car rather than buying one. If you live and work in a town or city giving up on car ownership can be quite easy. In no time at all you'll be saving money and getting a whole of load of other benefits. If you don't believe here's some reasons why.

No car insurance – Each year car insurance creeps up even if you find you have another year of not claiming. Finding a good value provider can also be stressful when you have to go through all the different options.

No tax – The rules on taxing your car have changed and can be quite confusing as well as costly. You used to be rewarded for having a diesel car but now you are punished for it. It's also another cost you can't escape from.

No car servicing – To make sure you keep your car in tip top condition it's best to get it regularly serviced. If you have bought a new or nearly new often it is required in order to keep the warranty valid. It's also when you find out you need to pay out for things such as new brake pads or a costly exhaust.

No MOT – How many times have you dreaded whether or not your car will make it through the MOT? Worn tyres, defective lights and faulty seat beats could cause a failure and mean you need to pay to get them fixed before you can drive the car again.

No depreciation – Whether you buy a new or used cars as soon you drive it away from the car dealer it has started to lose money. If you have bought it with the help of a loan you'll find a car isn't an asset.

No valeting – Washing and vacuuming your car can take up a lot of time and if you want it done professionally a lot of money to have it done regularly.

New models – Each time you rent a car you'll be able to have the luxury of trying out new models and styles.

Make an impression – If you have an important occasion or meeting don't turn up in a battered old banger. Look the part with a shiny, well-kept rental car.

Car that is required for your needs – You can rent what you need for your circumstances. If you need a small car for a journey then hire one but then you also have the flexibility of being able to have a 7 or 9-seater if the circumstances dictate it. Companies such as PSD offer cars from a Fiat 500 right up to 9-seater Transit Tourneo.

Get fitter for free – If you're not relying on a car to get to everywhere then you'll naturally get fitter walking and carrying bags around. Forget the expense of driving to a gym!

Have you thought of giving up on car ownership? What type of cars do you like to rent?

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