Thursday 23 November 2017

Renishaw Hall Garden in November 2017

I was passing by Renishaw Hall last week and it was open and a glorious November morning. It would have been rude just to drive on by. Despite a frost that morning the gardens are still full of greenery and colourful blooms.

The white hydrangeas have now turned to papery petals. I always prefer to keep the flower heads on over the winter as I think it protects the new shoots. I also like the look of the naturally dried skeleton petals.

Further on in the garden the hydrangeas are mixing the seasons with the red berries. It really is a garden with all round interest!

Last year the roses took quite a battering due to the autumn storms but the wind and the rain hasn't been as bad in these parts this year. All around the garden there are plenty of roses still in bloom and showing a fine display.

There hasn't been a heavy snowfall in these parts for a couple of years now but you never know when the flakes will start to fall. A heavy frost in itself can do a lot of damage so now the fine collection of garden sculptures are sporting their winter overcoats.

There's not much left of the herbaceous borders for this year. Soon the ground will be totally bare. It's one of the wonders of the garden that come spring something will start to grow from seemingly nothing.

The light at this time of year is fabulous. The lower terrace was basking in the autumnal glow.

I didn't venture down to the woodland on this visit. Even in summer it can be quite boggy in places and I didn't have my wellies with me. I couldn't resist taking a peak at the golden canopy coverage though.

A sign that the weather is quite mild is the fact that the famous fountain is still majestically shooting high into the sky. It was originally designed to be as high as the house.

I love seeing red cyclamen at this time of year. My own, sitting on the windowsill at home, is nearly ready to flower. I think they have such a festive feel to them.

Another sign that the weather has been better this year is that the fuchsias are still looking as good in November as they did back in July.

Whatever the month there is always work to be done. Tidying up and preparing for next year; I'll be back next month for an inspection. 

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