Thursday 30 November 2017

Gardening jobs...December

The cold weather has really set in now. Many people's thoughts are concentrated more on preparing for Christmas rather than thinking about the state of the garden. At this time of year if you don't fancy braving the garden then there's some jobs you can get on with inside.

Tidy sheds – If the garden's too cold or wet then get inside and give your shed a tidy up. There's bound to be something that needs sorting out.

Clean greenhouse windows – If you are overwintering plants in the greenhouse then let them have the light available at this time of year by cleaning the windows. This will also help stop the plants from developing fungal disease. Use a soft brush and clean in a solution of warm soapy water and plant safe disinfectant. Afterwards wash off with clean water and then wipe dry to make sure there's as little moisture about as possible.

Keep an area for wildlife – Don't tidy up too much as over winter hedgehogs will be looking for a dry nest to spend the winter. If you brush leaves under shrubs rather than picking them up then birds will be able to search for beetles and insect larvae.

Check stored summer bulbs – If you have dug up summer bulbs such as begonias and gladioli for storing in the cold months check there are no signs of rots. If there is rotting discard so they don't infect anything else.

Plant tulips – It's your last chance to plant tulips for a beautiful display next spring. Some shops and garden centres have already reduced the price of bulbs.

Plant amaryllis bulbs – If you do this now then by the end of January you could a magnificent bloom. Amaryllis take around eight weeks to flower. If you plant some bulbs in nice pot they will also make a great Christmas present – just make the recipient aware it will need watering.

What are your gardening plans for December? Will you be doing jobs inside and outside?

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