Thursday 19 November 2015

Our new allotment plot!

I didn't think the day would come when I would actually get the chance to write about our own allotment plot. We've been on the waiting list for many years now but the letter came a couple of weeks of ago offering us a plot on the nearest council site. There is a much cheaper allotment site nearer to us but it is run by a private association and at the last look we were number 27 on that waiting list. Our council gives you the chance to view two plots and decline them before taking you off the waiting list. So we went to have a look at, agreed it was what we wanted and sent back the tenancy agreement.
The key to the allotment site arrived last week so we took a trip down to see what was waiting for us. For us it is huge as it is bigger than our garden! Admittedly it's not a great time of year to take on an allotment but I guess if you're going to give up a plot then you would do it after your summer harvest has come to an end. There was the temptation to start pulling up some of the weeds straight away but the ground is extremely wet after Storm Abigail and I imagine even worse after Storm Barney passed through these parts this week. The up side of course is hopefully we can get the plot cleared and ready for planting up in the spring.
We've been left a few things on the site. The most noticeable is the two sheds at the end. Apparently the previous tenant keep chickens in both of them. For the biggest shed we plan to put in perspex windows and turn it into a potting shed and greenhouse. The other shed was the chickens' shelter and has been left with a very smelly and dirty evidence of them being there. Amongst the metal trays and hand shovel left behind was also a rather large kitchen knife. I guess every hen finally has its final day.
In terms of growing stuff we already have some raspberry canes which were something we had on our list already. There's also three blackcurrant bushes which look strong and healthy. In amongst the weeds there a few potato plant leaves (and tiny potatoes) plus our first crop – onions! They have already been washed and are now being dried.
Of course we have had a spy at what the other allotmenteers are growing. It seems that during the summer rows of runner beans did well. The winter crops on most plots are Brussels sprouts, leeks, cabbages and kale – all things we like and are interested in growing ourselves next year. We met a few of the fellow plot holders and they seem like a friendly bunch and full of advice. Hopefully we don't do anything to upset them!
There's a lot to be done but in the next few days it's time to plan the plot out. That and a bit of shopping of course – my 18+ years old hoe has snapped in two. It must have thought it was not up to the job of a whole plot!

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  1. This is super exciting, can't wait to see your allotment journey. :)

  2. That's so exciting, congratulations! I'll be watching your progress, I'd love an allotment one day! Hooray! :-) Xx

  3. Oh what great news and exciting times!
    Such a shame the previous people left things like that - on the plus side there will be some cracking before and after comparisons! That's such a good idea, looking at what other plot holders have grown successfully, probably worth saying hello to any if you catch them and asking what grows well for the soil. Hard work ahead but oh so exciting!
    Right - I'm off to tweet you a couple of handy post links that spring to mind from Gemma and Emma :)
    Thanks for joining in again x

  4. congrats on getting such a lovely plot, it will be lovely in spring to see what else is growing that you don't yet know about

  5. How exciting! Your own allotment.....
    I love that you found onions already there..... enjoy them!

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! :) I think this time of year is actually quite a good to take on a plot because it means you have some time to plan what you want to put where. We took ours on mid Spring and I felt a bit of urgency to just get things in before it was too late. Now Winter has arrived I'm going to make a proper plan for next year and buy some nice seeds. I know there is a whole internet full of information about allotments but if you ever want any advice, feel free to message or email me :) Exciting!

  7. Yay! How exciting - my first thought was to agree about the time of year you got it, but then again I'm not sure any time of year is "right" we got ours in May and it was a rush to get some of it ready for the tomatoes. I think the important thing is to finally have one! Looking forward to seeing how you progress X #hdygg


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