Thursday 12 November 2015

Clumber Park Walled Kitchen Garden in November

Despite the mild temperatures that the UK has enjoyed this autumn trying to find colour and life in a garden at this time of year can be tricky. I do know though that the Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park always has something up its sleeve and I wasn't disappointed.

Part of the famous glasshouse is currently closed for refurbishment but look what greeted us when we got to the middle.

When we stepped into the garden it was about 45 minutes before it closed and a beautiful glow had fallen over it. One of the areas that the garden is well known for is its range of apple trees and in particular local and heritage varieties. Don't you just want to climb one of those trees and grab an apple for yourself?

In the vegetable garden there's still a good range of winter crops waiting to be picked.

What we came for though was the dahlias. Each year the cut flower selection at Clumber manages to last through the months through careful successional planting. The borders are divided into three sections starting with white. Look at flowers that have yet to bloom!

The border then going through the colour palate so it finishes at the top by the glasshouse with yellows and stunning reds.

What I love about dahlias is the wide variety of colours and shapes. You also get so much flower for your money. You also seem to get more perfect blooms that other flowers. A photographer's dream!

You can go from spiky petals to tubes.

Most have just a single clear colour but some have large petals which look like they have been individually brushed with paint.

The light was going by the time I got to this one but how could I leave it? It's like an autumn sunflower but in dahlia form.

Finally there's this little one. I noticed its name was Romeo. Even the bee couldn't resist the charm of Romeo.

Hosted by Fable and Folk


  1. oh goodness.... those gorgeous dahlias! they amaze me. they are such perfect little creations

  2. If I was a bee I would be all over Romeo in a flash!
    Such colours still out there to be found - and that glasshouse shot is smashing, I tend to hide out in them at this time of year (such a weakling when it comes to the weather!)

    It's great when the light is just right like that isn't it? Thanks for sharing Jibberz you little gem x

  3. Romeo! Romeo! He looks perfect in the setting sun. As do all the winter veg to be had.

  4. wow those dahlias are simply stunning and yes, a photographers dream for sure

  5. I love dahlias although I am most keen on the simple ones like Romeo and the pompoms and least keen on the rally spiky ones so you chose well to keep me happy! And kale - look at all that kale. Love kale!


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