Sunday 30 April 2017

Sunday Snap – Bridge across the Firth

We were looking at the cravings and symbols at Rosslyn Chapel for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which Dan Brown book and film featured Rosslyn Chapel and the answer is

The Da Vinci Code

Cracking the puzzle with the right answer last week were Kara, Cheryl, Anne and Susan.

We're crossing land and sea for this week's Sunday Snap. This rail bridge is probably the most famous one in the world and one of the iconic structures of Scotland. The original plans for the bridge was beset with problems both financial and technical including a lack of faith in the project after the Tay Bridge disaster in 1879. This resulted in the death of around 75 people who were travelling in a train over the Tay Bridge when it collapsed due to the high winds. The architect for the Tay Bridge had also submitted plans for this crossing but these were abandoned. Finally in 1882 work started on the bridge and in 1890 it was opened by the then Prince of Wales who was to become King Edward VII. Once the bridge was complete it cut around 2½ hours off the journey time from London to Aberdeen. In 2015 it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status. 

The bridge has become known in the phrase which indicates a never-ending task. It was thought that due to the length of the bridge and the inclement weather of the region that the bridge was painted from one end to another and then immediately the painters started back at the beginning again. In truth this wasn't quite the case but a maintenance team was always in place to keep the most weathered areas in tip-top condition. In 2002 a new paint was developed which means that the bridge shouldn't need a full repaint for 20 years. This week's question is

What is the name of the bridge?

We were joined last week by Kara and a pirate show at Legoland plus a helping hand from brother and sister. In Dunkirk Cheryl has been spotting the WWII bunkers on the beach. Anne has been on an Easter visit to Packwood House and Gardens. We had a cat in a box at Susan's. Finally, we have proof from Sue that Elvis lives! 

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Sunday Snap

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  1. That's the Iconic Forth Bridge.

  2. It is the Forth Bridge (was so excited when we travelled across it)

  3. I always thought the Firth of Forth was the name of the bridge but I've just learned that it's the stretch of water - Forth Birdge it is then ! It always looks like a metallic Loch Ness monster to me !

  4. It's the forth road bridge. It's such an amazing bridge and I find it a bit scary to drive across as it's always so windy. x

  5. What an amazing bridge! Great picture. :)


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