Thursday 20 April 2017

Easter at Renishaw Hall Gardens

For the first time Renishaw Hall Gardens opened their gates for an Easter Trail this year. I usually visit on my own but I couldn't resist going down with all the JibberJabbers.
Pencils in hand the Junior JibberJabbers headed off to find the clues and tell us the accompanying jokes.
Since it was Easter the topiary bunny was wearing its best gold ribbon.
The fields all around at the moment are filled with the yellowing rape crops. At this time of year its scent can hang heavy in the air but the slight rain had dampened it down.
The cows have been moved to fields closer to the house. It can seem strange at times that such rural views are so near to the city's suburbs.
This year's herbaceous perennials are starting to come through.
On the front of the house the wisteria is beginning to show its spring colour.
Anyone else think that fern fronds unfurling look like tiny aliens?
The garden has many romantic areas but one of my favourite is the white garden. There are flecks of white about already with some tulips adding height.
It's probably the last time I will see the camellias this year but what a beautiful entrance walk they have made to the woodlands.
Of course the real showstopper part of the garden at this time of year is down in the woodlands. Apparently Edith Sitwell wouldn't visit the woodlands when the bluebells were out for fear of overwhelming her senses! For me its the main reason to venture down there in April.
Another shot of the bluebells? Why not and as a bonus I'll throw in some wild garlic as well. Is there a finer sight at this time of year than a field full of bluebells?

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