Sunday 2 April 2017

Sunday Snap – The Imp's Cathedral

We were strolling along the seafront for last week's Sunday Snap of the West Sussex Pier. I asked where it was located and the answer is


Enjoying the seaside with the right answer were Kara, Cheryl, Anne and Susan.

We're going north and inland for this week's Sunday Snap. For over 200 years this cathedral held the title of being the world's tallest building. These days people marvel not at its height but its magnificent stonemasonry. One of the well-known interior features is that of the Imp. Legend tells us that in the 14th century two Imps were sent by Satan to do evil work. After smashing up chairs and tables in the cathedral an angel appeared out of a hymn book and told them to stop. One did and hid underneath the broken furniture. The other Imp refused to do so and the angel turned it to stone where it can still be seen today. The second Imp was able to escape. There are several stories about what eventually happened to the second Imp. One tale is that even on a still day a breeze can be felt around the exterior of the cathedral. This is said to be Imp circling the cathedral still looking for its now petrified friend. Another story says that although the Imp escaped out of the cathedral it was also turned to stone and can be found on the South outside wall. The third explanation is that the second Imp once out of the cathedral made its way to Grimsby where it started to cause trouble again. The angel found the Imp and spanked its bottom before turning it into stone. This Imp can be seen in St. James' in Grimsby holding its sore bottom. The Imps is also the nickname of the local non-league football team which recently progressed to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. This week's question is

Which cathedral is this?

We were joined last week by Kara and two splendid water birds - a penguin and a swan. Cheryl's trio were posing as silhouettes against the Norwegian sun. Anne has been up and about in the woods. Mixing selfies and snow was Susan. Finally, we have some swans from Gentle Joy but these are an unusual black pair.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. What a beautiful building. I have no idea what it is through. Sorry x

  2. I believe it's Lincoln. I remember doing a project on Cathedrals at school and my teacher was really impressed.

  3. No idea but I love the story of the imp with a sore bottom !!

  4. The building is amazing, but I am not familiar with it. Thank you for hosting the link up.


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