Wednesday 4 May 2016

What would you do with your shed, and which shed is right for you?

When we were offered the chance to swap allotment plots in March one of the reasons we went ahead was because of the sheds it came with. Being able to securely store our tools was important to us as we didn't want to have to bring down spades and trowels every time we visited the allotment. Having two sheds has meant we've also got a comfortable space to sit and eat our lunches together, shelter from the rain and keep warm with the wood burner.

Sheds these days aren't all about gardening. They can provide an extension to your house freeing up valuable space. There's probably some activities that you don't want in your house but would fit very well in a shed. You may find by putting a shed in your garden it opens up opportunities for things you didn't think were possible so close to your home. For some inspiration on what a shed could do for you have a look at today's guest post.

We all love taking pride in our homes and making the most of every room (except maybe our teenagers' bedrooms). That said, if there's one space that even the most house proud of us tend to neglect – it's the garden shed!

Many of us have a shed in our garden, but are we really using it to its full potential? For most of us, the shed is simply a place to store the lawnmower. Am I right?

So, how can we utilise our sheds? And for those of us that don't have a shed, which shed should we buy?

The key thing to remember is not to think of your shed as just an outside cupboard. Instead, look at it as another building, entertainment room or living space.

Making the most of your garden shed

Now I'm not saying you should put a bed in there and move in – we're sure the tax man would have something to say about that, but maybe it's worth taking inspiration from older generations.

Why, you ask? How many of us remember going to our Granddad's workshop and watching him make something, like a toy out of wood? That workshop was just a shed, but somehow he made it into his own private space to blow off steam and work on hobbies.
Modern day uses for sheds and garden buildings

We can even combine this nostalgia with today's technology, by making our very own 'man cave' or 'she shed' with a modern twist.

Does your shed have windows? - If it does, why not have a go at turning yours into your own greenhouse? Simply put some shelves in your garden building and use it as a space for growing your vegetables or herbs.

Is your partner or husband into brewing his own beer? - Microbreweries are becoming increasing popular, and right now you'll find everything needed to brew your own craft ale online, with numerous forums and equipment readily available on the web.

Are the kids currently taking guitar lessons or learning the recorder? - If you've a busy household, the noise can sometimes be a major distraction – especially if you're trying to work from home.

Don't want a band in your house? - With a little foam for soundproofing and a few microphones and equipment, you can turn your shed into your own sound proofed home recording studio or rehearsal space.

Want to work from home? - If music isn't your thing, you may want to consider turning your new revamped outdoor building into a home office. Today's Wi-Fi strengths mean you can often work remotely in the garden, without the need for a wired Internet connection.

Need to get fit? - The list of possibilities really is endless, have you ever thought about bringing the gym to you in the form of a home fitness suite? All you really need is some weights and a gym mat.

You can very quickly see how a space primarily used for storing the kids' bikes during the winter can be turned into an ideal multi-purpose living area.
But don't feel like your shed has to be a place for hobbies or activities. You may just wish to have a space for chilling out on a summer afternoon.

In which case, a classic summer house may be more suited to your needs. And if it rains – as it so often does during the British summer – there's nothing to stop you from simply taking your daybed or easy chair inside.

So, what will you choose to do with your shed?


  1. This is a dream of mine - to have a shed for either a music studio, beer brewing or woodwork. Any would do!

  2. Really great ideas, I just wish our shed was a bit bigger... But saving this for the future. Thank you for sharing :) x

  3. I would LOVE the idea of making our shed into my very own little craft room.

  4. We use ours as dumping ground/storage, but I'd like to use it as a bit of a retreat too.

  5. Love the look of those sheds... I love sheds that look like summer houses :) Dean of Little Steps

  6. We don't have a garden or an allotment but would love one day to have one it would be fab as a little blogging space to get away from the house.

  7. I really want to get a shed this year - we've been thinking about it ever since we moved in, but now my daughter's getting older she keeps accumulating more and more outdoor toys... I think ours will be mainly for storage! x

  8. We bought a shed last year which is just perfect for storing the bits and bobs that we need in it. But I'd also love more of a summer house/she shed, too!

  9. I would love a space to put a shed or 2 :) ive always wanted a gym and a music room i also like the sound of the summer shed too with a woodburner outside or a fire pit. Marie

  10. We don't have a shed but have been thinking of getting a one so we have somewhere to store some of the children's things. xx

  11. Oooh yes if I had a shed that was converted into a gym it might convince me to do some more exercise lol!

  12. My shed is too small for anything but a lawnmower but if I had a bigger one I'd use it as a summer house x

  13. Mine shed is for storage but I would love a summer house or snug for the teen

  14. I dont have a garden for a shed, but I like the idea of it being a sort of summer house with a bar in it, if I did have one x


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