Thursday 26 May 2016

Renishaw Hall Gardens in May

Renishaw Hall Gardens in May
I've been so busy recently that it's been hard to get out and about. I knew that I must find time to visit Renishaw Hall Gardens to see this month's delights. Each month from spring to autumn brings something new and often just for a short amount of time.
May is the month of azeleas and rhododendrons and at Renishaw you won't be disappointed. What ever your favourite colour or style is there's a variety for you.
With both the formal and woodland areas having rhododendrons in them at this time of year you're never far from a rhododendron bush.
2016 marks the centenary of founding of The Rhododendron Society, now known as The Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group, and the appeal of rhododendrons continues. With so many varieties of rhododendron on show it's interesting to see how they fit these acid loving plants into the garden.
Down in the woodland the hostas have enjoyed the recent rainfall and are looking lush against the colourful background.
Whatever the size of your lawn it's time to start thinking about giving it regular cuts. Most people though won't have to worry about the size of the task that Renishaw has.
When you have this amount of lawn to play with then smart stripes are obligatory.
One of the most popular attractions at Renishaw in May is the flowering of the Davidia involucrata or pocket handkerchief tree.
The unusual feature of this tree is the large white flowers which flutter in the breeze – the tree is also known as the dove or ghost tree for this reason.
There's not just one pocket handkerchief tree at Renishaw but two. The second is in the Secret Garden and while it is easy to spot trying to get into the secret garden is slightly more tricky!
The Hall itself is one of those buildings that actually look better than the front. Here the wisteria is flowering and is coupled with the Tennant's White (Abutilon vitifolium) to provide a fine covering.

I can see that waiting to come out fully are peonies, roses and the herbaceous borders. I can't wait to come back next month.  

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  1. the azaleas here were so magnificent this year. i think april was a better month for them here. it's always nice to make the time to escape to a garden. it's always worth it i find. -Claudia

  2. There are lots of rhododendrons out around here at the moment — something I'd really like to get for our garden one day because the colour is spectacular. With a lawn that size I think they could go for something a little more elaborate than traditional lines :)

  3. Beautiful and I love the pocket hankerchief tree. Stripy lawns make me sigh with content.

  4. Awww what a beautiful place! I just love the serenity that I can feel while looking at your photos. Its just so calming to be there with the blooms. #hdygg

  5. Oh my that ghost tree is lovely! Well, it's all lovely of course, but that caught my eye and made me look even closer.
    I totally empathise with being too busy and finding it hard to get out - but when you finally get out it's an epic feeling - and makes you realise just how much you have missed it!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  6. what an amazing house and gardens


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