Thursday 5 May 2016

The Old Smithy Garden Godshill in Spring

The last time I visited the Old Smithy Garden it was October. I love this quirky, little garden and it seems no matter what time of year you visit it the garden always looks good.
In springtime the main planting feature are the tulips. The mismatched colours and varieties make a glorious display.
Some of the tulips are placed together whilst others have enough interest in them to be planted alone.
In many ways though the flowers are a secondary feature in the garden. A common sight throughout the Isle Of Wight is one of garden gnomes and here you are spoilt for choice.
The gnomes play an important function in the garden from playing music... preparing the plot ready for some summer sweetpeas.

Gnomes are not the only statues in the garden. Situated in the middle of the tulip bed you will find a classical figure complete with its own horticultural accessory

The main section of the garden is centred around a map of the Isle of Wight. It's been some time since the moat was filled with water but the effect remains the same. Whatever the season the garden is a delight.

Hosted by Fable and Folk


  1. Lovely looking tulip display — I think the mixed varieties and colours work the best, otherwise things can look a bit too uniform. Can you tell I like a rustic garden? :) So many gnomes!

  2. i love gardens like that. that look good no matter what time of year. this place looks super quirky and fun!

  3. It is so quaint and characterful, love the gnomes. Really made me smile.

  4. I need to visit there. This is the sort of garden that would blow your mind as a child. Gnomes are part of our heritage - and yet I hardly see any!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  5. what a quirky little garden and so full of life and colour

  6. What a lovely place. I love that in addition to the colorful flowers they have added interesting garden pieces to make the place more interesting =) #hdygg

  7. I love those tulips with the feathery edges - just gorgeous! #HDYGG

  8. Love the gnomes and the colourful tulips - what a cheery place! #hdygg


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