Sunday 29 May 2016

Sunday Snap – The Merseyside Pier

We were looking at an old South Yorkshire steel factory for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what it was now know as and the answer is

Magna Science Adventure Centre

Firing up the furnaces with the right answer were Cheryl, Nadine and Jen.

Since it's a Bank Holiday weekend I thought we would take a trip to the seaside for this week's Sunday Snap. Situated on the Merseyside coast this pier is the second longest in the UK measuring 1,112m. At the end of the pier on a clear day you can see across to Blackpool. The original pier was opened in 1860 and was extended twice before the decade was out.

As with many piers it has had issues with safety standards due to the ageing structure and the effects of fires and coastal storms. In 1990 its owner, the local council, applied to have the Grade II listed pier demolished due to rising costs. The motion was defeated by just one vote. It was closed in 1998 by the council but a campaign to restore it began. After extensive fund raising and restoration the full length of the pier finally reopened in May 2002.

The tram tracks you can see in the photograph are no longer in use. A new tram service started in August 2005 transporting passengers along the length of the pier. Last June it was stopped as part of the local council's cost-cutting measures. Now a service is provided by a land-train. This week's question is

Where is this pier?

We were joined last week by Jack and Noah having fun in Rowallane Garden. In Canterbury Cheryl was cruising along the river. Susan was in the playground having fun on the swings. In the gutter but certainly not down and out was Kelly. Finally, Kara has been capturing the sun in the trees and the house by the weir.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I'm originally from Hastings so there was much excitement this week when the pier reopened after being burnt down a few years ago. This is Southport and looks very pretty

  2. I have been here many years ago, I think it's Southport, but could be wrong. Hope you are well xx

  3. I think this is Southport pier - my aunt used to take me there as a child. If I'm not mistaken there is a small 'pleasure beach' that Blackpool has nothing to fear from lol. I was torn as at first I thought it might be Morecambe but that's in Lancashire. Stephen

  4. I am not sure where this is but it looks so lovely and can imagine myself there.

  5. Hmmmm there is one served by a train in Hythe by my dad's but it doesn't look like that one

  6. I know this one as I've been on the tram - it's definitely Southport x

  7. Hoping that I could visit this place one day because I really wanted to see some of the coolest things besides this area that attracts many people's attention. It's definitely a good looking place where it is nice to stay!


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