Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Snap – The Writers' Café

We were in Stratford-upon-Avon for last week's Sunday Snap celebrating the life and works of William Shakespeare. I asked the name of the Shakespeare theatre company based in Stratford-upon-Avon and the answer is

The Royal Shakespeare Company or the RSC.

Getting dramatic with the right answer were Louise, Sarah-Louise, Jen, Susan, Kara, Nadine, Cass and Nichola.

We're back for a final time in Edinburgh this week. When Miss JibberJabber heard about this café we knew we had to stop by for a refreshment break. Since it opened in 1995 it has become a known as haunt for Edinburgh writers. Over the years famous authors such as Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall-Smith have dropped by and sought inspiration whilst having a cup of tea or coffee. If you look around the walls you'll spot a number of elephants and the café is known as The Elephant House. What really attracted Miss JibberJabber was not the animal theme but its connection to another Edinburgh based writer. The cosy nature of the café meant it was cheaper for her to buy a cup of coffee than heat a chilly Scottish flat. Over the weeks and months that followed she developed her stories of a boy wizard sent off to a magical boarding school. After seven novels, several spin-off books, eight films and a studio tour experience it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Who is the author who came to write her wizarding novels at The Elephant House?

We were joined last week by Jack and Noah who have been having fun in the little red wagon. The sun was shining for Jo and her son to have a chicken lunch. Getting reflective with the buildings was Cheryl's daughter. Sue had an eye on the birdies. For Susan there was a trip to see The Gruffalo and some trampolining. Feeling blooming lovely was Sarah. In Blyth Sam was exploring the daffodil filled church yard. Need a party cake? Kara knew to call Ghostbusters! Kara also captured the unusual passageway through a building.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Yay another Scottish one. It's JK Rowling xx

  2. It's a lovely cafe and the food is fab. It's got a really nice buzz about it. Love it there.

  3. This cafe looks great place to visit, glad you managed to visited. Elephant House is such a quaint name.

  4. JK Rowling, judging by your clue :)

  5. Ohh wizarding novels, it must be JK Rowling then. Mich x

  6. JK Rowling? I love that you're in Stratford, I'm a Stratford girl and it makes me homesick, especially at the moment!

  7. I love cafés like this with a cultural heritage....I think everyone's going to get this one right but maybe there's another wizarding author...I'm going with the flow and guessing JK Rowling too.

  8. The one and only JK Rowling - Mini's favorite author!

  9. JK Rowling, a favourite author of the Ashmore household!

  10. I should imagine it was JK Rowling

  11. I believe that is JK Rowling, I really want to visit Stratford.

  12. I can only think of JK Rowling which is, I feel, a bit of a shame ha.


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