Tuesday 1 March 2016

Spring cleaning tips from the professionals

Pinch, punch, first of the month! Today marks the first day of the meteorological spring so throw your windows open wide and let the fresh air in! Many of us talk about 'spring cleaning' so there is no better time to start it.

You might be great at keeping on top of day-to-day house cleaning but there's always lots of little jobs that need doing. When was the last time you pulled your furniture out and vacuumed behind it? Do you like to take down your curtains and give them a wash to freshen your rooms up? If you need some further motivation take some tips from today's guest post.

“Do you need a little help when it comes to cleaning your home? Are you left scratching your head when considering the best way to tackle the limescale build up on the taps or that annoying stain on the carpet? Well we've got some spring cleaning tips for you.

In fact, you're going to be such an expert by the end of this article you’ll be applying for Molly Maid cleaning jobs and showing everyone else how to do it!

Extend your vacuum tube
Vacuum tubes are a great idea but they don't always reach into the spaces you need them to. This is when you need to grab a cardboard tube (a kitchen roll tube or a wrapper paper roll would work well), fit it on the end and use this to squeeze into those nooks and crannies you want to hoover.

Use your toothbrush
Okay, not the one you use every morning and night but grab a toothbrush and some bleach mixed with water then get scrubbing on that grout between the tiles in the bathroom. Heloise, Good Housekeeping's resident professional cleaner, recommends letting the mixture sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and always running a squeegee over tiles after a shower or bath to prevent any mould building up again.

Give your plants a shower
Houseplants can quickly gather dust on their leaves and planters over time, so it's a good idea during your spring clean to get rid of this. Wiping leaves with a cloth will work but you can easily rip or damage them - pop your plants in the bathtub and sprinkle them with tepid water for a couple of minutes. This should get rid of the dust and make them shiny again. To dust cacti or hairy plants use a small paintbrush and give them a brush over.

Get the vinegar out
The guys at Spark People love vinegar and baking soda as an alternative to regular cleaning products. They encourage readers to use vinegar as a glass cleaner and to clean floors, while baking soda is great for cleaning the toilet bowl.

When it comes to spring cleaning start by working out what rooms need doing and put together a strict list of what needs to be done. You should be aiming to tackle those cupboards that have remained shut over winter and steadily hoarding more and more rubbish that you definitely don't need.

Plan on pulling furniture out, getting behind the sofa and the bookcase is important as dust builds up over time and also aim to tackle lampshades and high places, such as on top of the kitchen cupboards. A good carpet clean isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're de-cluttering and moving furniture around at the same time.

When it comes to spring cleaning it's all about planning those jobs in that you wouldn't normally do and setting aside some time at the weekend to get everything done! Good luck!”

Do you give your house a 'spring clean'? What are your top tips for a fresh and clean home?


  1. I have recently started reading about the Kon Mari method of cleaning and have decluttered so much! Still a long way to go but I think a lot of our cleaning and hoarding problems come down to our mental state and need to cling to the past. I am hoping 2016 is the year I am finally happy with my home!

  2. I love getting the toothbrush out! it is so helpful for getting around the back of the taps too! amoung other nook and crannies! some really useful tips!

  3. Love the vacuum idea, how have I never thought of that!

  4. Using a toothbrush is brilliant for getting in all those nooks and crannies. I need to do a big spring clean soon

  5. I always use vinegar for cleaning (and lemons) as it seems just like a great all round cleaner. The toothbrush tip is great!

  6. I'm bookmarking this post!! I absolutely LOVE a good sort out and spring is the perfect time isn't it? Love all the tips — especially bleach on a toothbrush for cleaning grout!! Am going to try it ;)

  7. Some great tips. I love a good spring clean

  8. Oh my goodness the cardboard tube idea is a revelation!! Love it!xx

  9. I love using natural cleansers for cleaning, sometimes though they don't do that great of a job when it comes to deep cleaning (which is the case with spring cleaning). In this case I would use a combination of real detergents and home-made solutions for the different areas, depending on the difficulty.
    A shower for the plants is essential! We often forget that plants also collect dust on their leaves and also need to be refreshed.


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