Tuesday 15 March 2016

Easter styling with The Orchard

On my walk home this morning I spotted a beautiful spring garden full of purple and whites crocuses and bright yellow daffodils. With the sun shining and warmth in the air it definitely feels like the seasons have changed.

This week both the Junior JabberJabbers have got Easter themed activities at school. Miss JibberJabber has taken in her rugby stadium complete with egg players and fans. Meanwhile Master JibberJabber has been finishing off his jewelled eggs for his Easter bonnet parade. Each year I like to have a few Easter decorations around the house and this year is no exception. I've bought some painted glass eggs for my lighted twigs to add to my collection of wooden ornaments.

With so many nice flowers around at the moment I've decided to add some natural decorations to the house. With the the help of The Orchard I've been styling one of their Kew Royal Botanic Garden Pots. The small pot is the perfect size for displaying a house plant. I've gone for a seasonally coloured yellow Kalanchoe. Their succulent dark green leaves help to fill the pot nicely. To bring some of the garden into the mix I've added a sprig of ivy as it lasts well without any additional soil or water. To finish off the Easter theme there's some a little bit of sparkle with the glittered Easter egg sticks.

Do you style your home with the seasons? What plants do you have in your house?,

I was sent a pot for review purposes. All words, photographs and opinions are my own.


  1. I'd not thought of styling my house for Easter but you've made a fantastic job of it!

  2. I have to admit, i'm not great with plants so we have one large plant on the stairs and no more in the house as I kill them all! I do love flowers though.

  3. Such a lovely photo. I definitely need to get some more potted plants in my life!

  4. The pot looks lovely. You've styled it well. I must admit I don't change the style of my plants depending on the season. I like flowers so tend to just get what I like x


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