Thursday 31 March 2016

Easter at Clumber Park Walled Kitchen Garden

Clumber Park Glasshouse at Easter Spring Walled Kitchen Garden
I have to admit we went to Clumber Park on Easter Monday in search of Easter Eggs of the purple coloured foiled variety. It was actually a chocolate bunny that the Junior JibberJabbers got as a reward for collecting the answers hidden in the Pleasure Grounds. Since we had managed to arrive after the day's rain had passed we couldn't resist an early season visit up to the Walled Kitchen Garden.
Outside there is the last of the winter veg and the first stalks of their vast rhubarb collection is coming through. The gardening team were busy sorting out the herbaceous borders which will burst into life in a couple of months. At this time of year it's the glasshouse where the colour can be found. The glasshouse has two wings joined by a sort of orangery in the middle – a lemon tree shows how effective this building is.
The glasshouse is also home to other tender, temperature sensitive fruits such as nectarines which is currently in blossom.
In the recently restored east wing the growing season is well under way. There's already a fine crop of salad leaves.
As if there isn't enough rhubarb outside a batch is being forced using some fine terracotta pots.
At the very end a row of succulents is being prepared.
We've tried growing sweet peas in loo rolls this year and ours certainly don't look as good as these! Must try harder next year.
Back in the middle section is where you will find the colour and the scent. Over-wintered geraniums are lined up.
The sheltered environment away from damaging wind and rain means perfect camellia flowers.
Finally, enticing the bees through both smell and colour were the hyacinths. 

Hosted by Fable and Folk


  1. I'm imagining now the beautiful sweet scents in the kitchen garden. Gorgeous.

  2. wow i love the conservatory, i grew my seeds in loo rolls last year, made planting easier, but sadly the cardboard didn't degrade in the sand pit and i ended up having to dig it all back out

  3. Beautiful - oh the lovely light there, I dream of light like that at home!
    Light nerd lol
    I bet those hyacinths smelt amazing - no wonder the bees went nuts :)
    Thanks you for joining in again x

  4. Oh that bee in the hyacinth - I bet he didn't know what to do with himself! Lovely photos, and so much colour already.

  5. i would have totally been paying more attention to the flowers and all those awesome clay pots as well ;). -Claudia

  6. Love climber parks walled kitchen garden, great photos :) xxx


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