Tuesday 2 February 2016

Weekend Box Club

On Sunday morning we were up, ready and out of the door. We were eager to join in with the weekend's RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch but the closer we got to our destination the rain got harder and harder. By the time we had got there any thoughts of trying to watch and take photographs of birds had gone out of the window. After all would you want to drag the kids round a Victorian cemetery on a wet January morning?
So home we went and after both the Junior JibberJabbers had completed their homework we found a gap in the day. Time to get the Weekend Box Club out! We've reviewed Weekend Box Club before so we know how good they are for filling some hours on a grim weekend.

The Mini Weekend Boxes usually cost £4.95 and arrive every two weeks. They are designed to fit through your letterbox so no worries about them being trapped at the sorting office or trying to retrieve them from the neighbours.
The box we received had a rainforest theme to it. Each of the Mini Boxes have two activities in them with instructions and most of the materials to complete them. Miss JibberJibber went straight for the parrot mask. The only item not included was a pair of scissors which of course was not a problem. There was a mask template to draw round with a selection of coloured card and foam to use for decoration. To finish off the mask there was also a selection of wax crayons.
Mr JibberJabber was more interested in the Grow Your Own Rainforest activity. We needed an empty plastic bottle for this which we did have in our recycling. The soil comes in the form of two pressed tablets which when dissolved in water looks like proper soil. Mr JibberJabber was able to sprinkle the seeds onto the soil and now can't wait to see what is going to grow.
Along with the making activities the sheets also come with facts about the boxes subject. For example did you know the rainforest makes up only about 6% of the Earth's land surface but contains around half of all the world's animal and plant species?

If you like the look of the Weekend Box Club then you can try a box for free by heading over to their website and entering the promo code VANESSA212.

We were sent a Weekend Box Club for review purposes. All opinions, words and photographs are m own.
Tried and Tested


  1. We have this box to review too, it looks like your little ones really enjoyed it #triedtested

  2. We've had the normal boxes in the past but not the mini one. What a great idea! It looks like you had a lot of fun x

  3. Looks fun, and kids love getting stuff through the post :)

  4. What a fantastic thing to get in the post! Perfect for rainy days. It's not stopped raining since about October here so maybe I should subscribe!

  5. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  6. This looks amazing, I would love to get something like this, but I worry that at 2 my daughter is a bit too young for this?


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